After All These Years I Finally Learned What The Loop On The Back Of A Shirt Is Really Meant To Do

After All These Years I Finally Learned What The Loop On The Back Of A Shirt Is Really Meant To Do


Fashion changes so fast and keeping up may sometimes be tricky. American style has explicitly been changing rapidly; bringing in a new design today and dumping it tomorrow for yet another one. Therefore, it will only be reasonable if you want to spare some time and look at one of the old and famous fashions.

Do you ever wonder why some men’s shirts have loops on the back? Many people do not know the importance of the loops while some have never noticed them. Other people may have even assumed that they could use them to spin the shirt or the one wearing it. As funny as it may sound, it is not the significance of the design or at least not the most important.

These loops are of greater importance, more than some people would think. They come in handy when you do not plan to iron the shirt, and you are out of hangers. The loop is very common with Oxford/button-down shirts.

The loops are popularly known to have originated from US sailors. It was of convenience to them, and it also reduced the amount of luggage they carried. Instead of using hangers on their clothes, they just used the loops. Gant managed to widely spread the shirts with the button down, by first selling the shirts to Yale shops. The loops became more and more popular in the 1960s.

College boys also took to wearing shirts with the loops. Rather than folding their shirts and wearing them later with wrinkles, they made it easy for them to hang the shirts and wear nice looking shirts after their games.

Interestingly, these loops were also used for social purposes. They became a significant part in the dating culture of Ivy League. Word has it that they were used to indicate that someone has been taken. Guys would tear off or cut out the loops to suggest that he is attached to another lady and is not open to getting engaged with another person.
Some ladies who had the guts also tore the loops off the shirts of the guys who they were interested in. However, fashion, as usual, is very dynamic. Every generation finds something else fancy, and the recent generations do not find the shirts with loops as fashionable as they were seen before. For this reason, the shirts with the loops have slowly gone out of the market.

However, it is not just the loops that have been forgotten, and it is not just boys fashion that has evolved.

Think of the Victorian Fashions that were considered the trend in British culture in the 1840s. During that time, crinolines were the thing and ladies deemed to be cool were those in crinolines with the most extensive bottoms. With time, into the 190s, the crinolines were still fashionable, but the size of the top decreased. However, with time, the crinolines became extinct and are they are rarely worn.

Another trend that was admired and considered chic was that of men where they laced themselves into a corset and then added a massive skirt. As if that was not enough, they added a heavy coat on all that.

Many trends and fashion have come and gone, however, in there, are still traces of the shirts with loops and their significance in hanging clothes still exists.


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