This Year’s ‘Cadbury Bunny’ Winner is a Therapy Dog from Ohio named Annie Rose

This Year’s ‘Cadbury Bunny’ Winner is a Therapy Dog from Ohio named Annie Rose


This Year’s ‘Cadbury Bunny’ Winner is a Therapy Dog from Ohio named Annie Rose

Pet owners all across the world compete each spring to have their pets named the year’s “Cadbury Bunny.” The winners don’t exactly have to be rabbits. It can be a different kind of animal.

For example, “Henri,” a bulldog, was crowned champion in 2019. “Lt. Dan,” a beagle born without rear legs, was the winner in 2020. And in 2021, “Betty” the frog was king. Now everyone has been waiting for who will be this years’ Cadbury Bunny?

This year, there were many species competing for the crown. Several hedgehogs were among the finalists, along with numerous dogs, a tiny horse, a bearded dragon, a cat, and a sugar glider.

In the end, “Annie Rose” an English Doodle, ended up taking the title of this 2022 Cadbury Bunny!

Annie Rose, a cross between an “English Cream” golden retriever and a poodle is based in Cincinnati. During the pandemic, the 3-year-old therapy dog whose giving spirit wasn’t dampened continued to share her heart of gold.

When COVID was at its peak, this dog was unable to visit elderly residents in nursing facilities across Ohio. That’s why Lori Rahn dressed her up and had “visits” through the glass so that she could continue her important work which she loves very much.

It appears that Annie Rose’s future was foretold by an elderly woman who met them as a puppy. Rahn shared her story on Facebook. She wrote: “When Annie was six months old a lady came to us in a park and said God wanted me to tell you that he has a big ministry for Annie. He will use her in mighty ways.”

Since then, the cheerful dog has gained a devoted following through her work as a therapy dog. She also gained new fans when she joined the Cadbury competition. Rahn made sure to announce her participation on Facebook.

Early in March, Rahn posted:
“ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION. Here is the longest and hardest secret I ever had to keep. Annie Rose is a FINALIST in the Cadbury Bunny Contest. We need everyone’s help for this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If she wins, she will be in a national commercial representing Cadbury. Annie Rose needs help from her doodle friends, her people friends, and family. Please vote for her on the link below. Please vote daily until March 22. Please share with all your friends and families. We truly need your help.”

Well, that must have worked, because Annie Rose was named the winner this year and is being featured in the Cadbury commercial!

Rahn thanked everyone who supported Annie Rose. She wrote: “Wow just wow. We are so overwhelmed right now. Our minds were blown. How does God use a dog and chocolate to make everyone so happy? This is more than a contest to us. It truly is. This is about meeting new friends and interacting with so many amazing people literally around the world. We all forgot about this crazy world for a month and had such a fun time. What a journey.”

With all of the attention she received, Annie Rose helped collect money for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and earned $5,000 from her Cadbury victory.


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