Woman Wake-boarding Quickly Realizes She Isn’t Alone, Camera Pans Right To Capture Rare Event

Woman Wake-boarding Quickly Realizes She Isn’t Alone, Camera Pans Right To Capture Rare Event


It is a well-known fact a vast part of the surface of the earth is covered with water. In fact, there is more water than there is land on earth. This enormous body of water is teeming with a wild array of beautiful organisms big and small. Man is splashed in between all of these and even though we cannot live in the water like these creatures we have found a way to use the oceans for various purposes.

Among the many uses we have found for the vast body of water around us is for sports, we sail, surf, dive, and even swim. Man has found so many invigorating ways to enjoy the ocean. It is like a playground to so many of us.

It was one of those beautiful afternoons that a woman decided to go wakeboarding in the ocean. It was her favorite watersports and she enjoyed it for some many reasons. But what happened that day as she surfed the water would even make her love wakeboarding even more as she got to experience first-hand one of the many beautiful moments of playtime on the ocean.

Surfing on the water in the hot summer sun had its perks, you get to enjoy tan while having the fun of your life and exercising your muscle at the same time. what happened next was something she would have never imagined and would stick to her memory for the rest of her life.

Out of nowhere came a huge pod of dolphins swimming along, bowing, or “porpoising,” out of the water just a few yards away from the woman on the water board. It wasn’t just one both several of these beautiful creatures. The woman and her companion who was in the boat were stunned, to say the least. To make things even more beautiful, the dolphins came up right alongside the wakeboarder and started swimming right beside her like she was one of them.

Wyatt Miller was able to capture the beautiful moment on video and shared it on YouTube Excitedly.

“This was definitely one of the TOP 3 afternoons of my LIFE!!!” he wrote alongside the video.

Watching the video, it is easy to see why he was so excited. It’s not every day you get to experience something that beautiful so up close and personal. It was as if the dolphins were putting up a show for the humans because they knew it would drive them crazy.

But sadly, while animals can think of being nice to us this way, we can’t say that humans have been that benevolent. Despite its beauty, it is unfortunate to see how bad we treat nature. One of the ways we have been polluting the ocean so badly is with plastic. An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastics are being thrown into the ocean annually mostly in form of Microplastics (plastics that are so small that they get consumed by oceanic creatures causing them to die or get hurt badly)

There are 5 huge concentrations of plastic floating around in the ocean. One of them, which is found between Hawaii and California is as large as the entire state of Texas. And sadly humans are showing no signs of repenting. While the ocean is so beautiful that offers breath-taking sights like the one in this video, the future of the ocean and all the amazing things in it is bleak unless something is done immediately.

You can do your part to curb all of these problems by simply recycling plastic and cut down on the use of single-use plastics like plastic straws, disposable lighters, water bottles etc. failure to do this might mean less and less of these oceans beautiful creatures which will eventually spell doom for us at the end of the day.


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