Woman Says “I’m Going To Faint” After Learning The Value Of Letter Written By Frank Sinatra

Woman Says “I’m Going To Faint” After Learning The Value Of Letter Written By Frank Sinatra


Woman Says “I’m Going To Faint” After Learning The Value Of Letter Written By Frank Sinatra

Celebrities know that their life is an ‘open book.’ And whatever people write about you, you have no full control of it. Just like how celebrities are judged these days based on what people see on social media. Back then, these stories were reported by writers who profit from telling and spreading these narratives. But no one can really tell if these stories are true or purely gossip and speculations.

Back in the day, there was a rival between columnist Mike Royko and legendary singer Frank Sinatra. At the time, Royko wrote a piece criticizing Sinatra for having a police escort while he was performing in Chicago. Sinatra’s response to Royko’s letters has been extensively reported. In fact, even years later, the journalist’s son continued to discuss it on his own blog.

Based on the reports, Sinatra fired back saying that he never requested police security during his performance in Chicago. He said that “It is something that’s far from necessary.”

Sinatra allegedly added:
“It’s quite obvious that your source of information stinks, but that never surprises me about people who write in newspapers for a living. They rarely get their facts straight. If the police decided that they wanted to be generous with me, I appreciate it. If you have any beefs with the Chicago Police Force, why not take it out on them instead of me, or is that too big a job for you?”

Also in the letter, Sinatra spoke about some personal insults that Royko had directed at him. But according to Royko, he wore a “hairpiece” and added more serious accusations about him assaulting an elderly person.

Then Sinatra wrote:
“You and millions of other gullible Americans read that kind of crap written by the same female gossip columnists that you are so gallantly trying to protect: the garbage dealers I call hookers, and there’s no doubt that is exactly what they are, which makes you a pimp because you are using people to make money, just as they are. I will allow you to pull my ”hairpiece.’ If it moves, I will give you another $100,000; if it does not, I punch you in the mouth.”

Rokyo responded, insulting the “short man with a thick neck” who delivered the letter. He made fun of the person for the way he spoke and referred to him as “flunky.” He then continued to make subtle personal jabs at Sinatra under the guise of an “apology” and claimed that Sinatra never punched “elderly drunks,” only younger ones.

Royko then auctioned the letter off for $400. He said that he will be giving the donation to the Salvation Army.

The letter was sold to a fan named Vie Carlson, the mother to the drummer of the band “Cheap Trick.” She went on an Antiques Roadshow years later to see how much this letter would cost. The woman was shocked and nearly knocked over after learning that the letter was worth $15,000!

She was surprised by the value saying that someone off-camera offered her $100 for it. Then Carlson kept saying that she was going to faint and needed a chair to sit down, still not recovering from this new discovery.

The appraiser said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold for more than that because Sinatra stuff is as hot as it can get and it just doesn’t get any better than this.” In fact, the letter was reevaluated at $20,000.

Talking to the Chicago Tribune, Carlson said that she has 24 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren so she can really use the money. In addition, she is also planning to donate some to The Salvation Army.


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