Woman Finds These Little Guys All Over Her Floor And It’s Going Viral

Woman Finds These Little Guys All Over Her Floor And It’s Going Viral


We find creepy creatures online, some of them we thought never existed to the point that we cannot find answers even on Google!

One day Tim Clerke’s mom noticed some tiny creatures flittering around their kitchen floor. Some would assume that they are insects that are native to Auckland, New Zealand – but they’re not. New Zealander residents like Tim Clerke’s family have no idea what they really are.

Tim was able to capture on video these wiggling creatures on their kitchen floor and decided to share this clip online. He captioned the video: “My mother found these on the kitchen floor this morning. One is still alive. Does anyone know what they are? Nikki is horrified and will have nightmares for weeks!”

It was not a surprise when Facebook users worked their magic and Tim’s video instantly went viral. People have their own opinions and even entomologists also shared their thoughts about the video. No one expected what Tim captured on video but the University of Auckland said that it was more of an attention-seeking hoax which is why they did not pay attention to it.

One of the major hypothesis when it comes to the identity of these creatures was from Eric Edwards. He is an entomologist and he believed that these creatures are rat-tailed maggots. These Eristalis Tenax are heavy-duty parasites. If these creatures invade your body, it can lead to gastrointestinal infections. Some of the manifestations would be a biting pain in the abdomen. This is generally caused by a disease which is also known as myiasis. This is when the maggots feed off the hosts’ body tissues and intestinal walls.

Plenty of Facebook users were not much help either. One of them believed that it was baby rats while another user assumed that they are miniature bats. Some even made hilarious comments about the unknown creatures. But Tim has his own opinion. He suggested, “I was thinking more alien… I don’t live with my mum but they may have fallen out of my beard last time I was over there. Beardlings!”

Tim’s wife, Nicole, also received a comment that creeped her out. The commenter said, “Whatever they are Nikki, they are in YOUR house. They could be in your bed, under the toilet seat, in your underwear drawer…” Another commenter wrote, “You should contact MAF just in case, they like knowing about all this weird stuff and will definitely be able to identify what they are.”

A spokesperson from the Biosecurity New Zealand team suggests that these are the legs of a moth that had been eaten by something. The spokesperson said, “They suggest that something (possibly a cat) had just recently eaten the body of the moth, which may explain why a few of the legs were still twitching.” Sarah Tassell, an arthropod collector explained that if you look closely at the photos, you will notice that they are jointed legs. They are hairy and also have some distinctive spines.

Until now, there is still no answer as to what these creepy creatures are. More and more people have their own opinions as to what they are but nobody has given a 100% correct answer.

What do you think are these creatures? Do you believe in any of the given theories?


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