Woman Catches Porch Pirate Stealing Their Neighbors’ Packages!

Woman Catches Porch Pirate Stealing Their Neighbors’ Packages!


Woman Catches Porch Pirate Stealing Their Neighbors’ Packages!

Porch pirates are everywhere. This is one of the reasons why most homeowners now have a doorbell camera installed. This is very common at any residential street you walk by. These cameras are able to send the homeowner real-time notifications once someone steps into the porch or is within reach of the doorbell camera sensor.

And for this Chicago woman, her doorbell camera has caught some pretty hilarious footage.

When Noemi Gutierrez received an alert that someone was on her front porch, she did not think much about it. She thought that it was just a squirrel running across her banister with a tortilla in its mouth, which happens more frequently these days.

One day, she was approached by her neighbor asking if she would mind checking her doorbell footage. They wanted to get some video evidence since somebody stole a package off their porch. When she checked the video, it revealed nothing important. Then Gutierrez recalled the tortilla-snatching squirrel. She started thinking if it’s possible that the rodent was also the porch bandit.

Speaking to the DODO, Gutierrez said: “I told her, ‘I think it was the squirrel. She thought I was joking about it.” The neighbors just had a good laugh thinking that it would be too crazy to blame the lost packages on a tiny squirrel.

But Gutierrez’s suspicions were confirmed the next day. She witnessed with her own eyes the thief stealing her neighbor’s packages, again. And sure enough, it was the squirrel!

She watched in surprise as the thief snatch the package off the porch and expertly maneuvered it up a tree. This confirmed her suspicions and removed any doubt about who stole the other packages from her neighbor’s porch.

The video was shared online and it quickly went viral. It stops before we see where the squirrel ends up, but it’s clear that what it got in its mouth was a package that certainly belonged to the neighbor.

When DODO originally posted the article, Gutierrez had not yet been informed if her neighbor knew who the porch pirate is. But sure enough, once they know who it was, the neighbor will get a good laugh when they see the video for themselves.

On her Facebook post, Gutierrez wrote: “How crazy will my neighbor from across the street think I am if I knock on the door and say, ‘Your package was stolen by a squirrel,’ without showing him the video?”

This is just one of the major reasons why you too should consider installing a doorbell camera. When a would-be thief approaches your door and sees that you have a doorbell camera installed, they’re going to think twice about attempting to break in. It can provide valuable video footage.

Should the worst happen and your house gets broken into, you can use the video footage from your doorbell camera to provide valuable evidence for the authorities. Also, this video footage could help you get the payout you deserve when you are filing an insurance claim.

And most importantly, this can help clear any doubts like what happened to Noemi Gutierrez’s neighbor. Who would have thought that a tiny rodent would be brave enough to steal packages? For sure you did not expect that too. Without the video footage, they would keep doubting not only their neighbors but the passersby too.


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