Woman Becomes Emotional After Seeing Her New Look Following A Makeover

Woman Becomes Emotional After Seeing Her New Look Following A Makeover


Do you think you will have your confidence back after a makeover? This is what Laurie Norman was hoping to achieve after she flew all the way from Maui, Hawaii for her makeover with Christopher Hopkins in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All she wanted was just some kind of an “internal lift” and an assurance that she is still pretty, still young, attractive, and fun.

Sometimes, life takes a toll on us. As we get older, we lose more and more interested in keeping up with how we look. Gone are the days when we would spend hours in the salon to get our hair done, manicure, and pedicure. Everything is now done at home on our own, or sometimes, not at all.

Christopher Hopkins is very popular worldwide for his makeovers both for men and women who are more than 45 years old. He helps those who feel that they need to have a new look. Hopkins revealed in his video that Laurie chose not to watch the process during her makeover. She wanted Christopher and his team to surprise her with her new look. And boy, was she surprised!

During her pre-makeover interview, she explained that she got tired of being alone and always wanted to have a partner in life. She is hoping that with her new look, it would lift up her spirits and help her gain back the confidence that she lost.

She said, “I think if my spirits are lifted then I might be a little more attractive to others as well as myself.”

It is clear that Laurie has a fun personality and she is also attractive, but she really needs that makeover! She is also right when she said that makeover gives a person the boost that they need to once again get out into the world and make their dreams come true.

Christopher started with her hair that had quite a bit of sun damage due to the Hawaiian beaches. He also gave Laurie a bit of everything during this makeover. Her long, brassy gold hair was chopped to give it lots of volumes and for her face to have some frame. The color was also changed. From the brassy blonde, her hair turned into a stunning strawberry color. Her makeup also removed her sunspots and her look now draws more attention to her eyes.

The moment her makeover was done and she turned around to see how she transformed, she could not contain herself – she screamed!

Of course, it was a squeal of delight. Her face lit up and she started to touch her face as if what she was seeing was not her. She can now describe her new look as “beautiful” and “gorgeous.” Laurie also said that she could cry for this amazing transformation, but she will try to hold back the tears.

She explained, “This was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had.” Hopkins also graced Laurie with a peek of what he can do with the piano. He may be in the beauty industry now, but he used to be an entertainer. So he played the piano for her when she asked him to.

The entire day was surely something that Laurie Norman will never forget all her life. Finally, when she thanked Christopher Hopkins and his team, she could not hold back the tears. She definitely looked and felt like a new person.


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