Woman Arrested For Drowning Her Dog In The Lake Because He Was Getting Old

Woman Arrested For Drowning Her Dog In The Lake Because He Was Getting Old


Even when we were kids, we were always taught to be kind to animals. Somehow, even the grown-ups seem to forget this.

Nancy Bucciarelli, a 66-year-old woman from New Hampshire was recently arrested because of a brutal act of animal abuse. It was reported that the woman took her 11-year-old Golden Retriever, Bailey, to the public Naticook Lake on the 8th of June. Witnesses saw how she pushed the senior dog into the lake and watched as he drowned.

Passersby witnessed this brutal act and some even tried to rescue the dog from the shallow waters. However, it was too late. Daily Mail reports that because of what she did, Bucciarelli was charged with animal cruelty.

According to the witnesses, the woman pushed her dog from the lake’s dock. She launched him into the water that was 3-feet-deep. Many people saw how she viciously shoved the poor Bailey into the lake. They claimed that Bucciarelli did nothing but just watched her dog struggle to stay afloat in the water. It was thrashing wildly and eventually, it drowned. Even though there are people who tried to help save Bailey, it was too late. What they did instead called the police officers to the scene. An investigation of the said incident was immediately conducted.

If you check through her social media profile, it seems like Bucciarelli was very close to her dog. In fact, she has plenty of photos with Bailey. When the internet caught wind about what Bucciarelli did, her Facebook profile has been bombarded with negative and hateful comments.

Local police Chief Denise Roy said, “It is a sad story. It’s unconscionable to think what this defendant is charged with. The witnesses actually are the ones who jumped into the water to find the dog under the water and pull the dog out. They made every attempt to revive the dog, but unfortunately, the dog did die.”

Some individuals took it to Twitter to express their anger with what she did. Many negative comments prompted the Chief to say, “She’s charged with a horrific crime; however, this doesn’t help. This actually feeds into it and makes it worse, and it really stops the process from happening effectively.” The Chief has proven these to be counteractive in completing the investigation and also carrying the charges against her.

There are New Hampshire laws for the death of police dogs, but there is no specific law introduced pertaining to the death of a pet dog. According to the New Hampshire Law:

” Whoever willfully tortures, beats, kicks, strikes, mutilates, injures, disables, or otherwise mistreats, or whoever willfully causes the death of a dog or horse owned or employed by or on behalf of a law enforcement agency… Shall be guilty of a class B felony.”’

Everyone is hoping that the same standards will also be applied to the case of Bucciarelli. She was arrested and is set to have her first court hearing on the 27th of June to face the charges against her.

All dogs, no matter how young or old they are, deserve to be loved. Nobody knew why Bucciarelli did this kind of cruelty to her dog, but we are hoping that Bailey will get the justice that he deserves.


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