Wife Gets Makeover After Divorce From Husband Of 44 Years And Now He Regrets His Decisions

Wife Gets Makeover After Divorce From Husband Of 44 Years And Now He Regrets His Decisions


She Was Divorced After 44 Years Of Marriage and Decided to Get Herself a Makeover

Marriage is legal or formal recognition of an alliance or union between two persons as partners in a personal relationship. Once you get married, it is very easy to get used to the person that you chose to be your life partner; this is because marriage is a personal thing that leads to getting attached to someone and also to a certain way of life. If your life partner loves skiing or boat riding, you would easily found yourself doing these activities with him or her, and more so start loving it as well.

It is therefore very hard for anyone to change their ways of life after having done them over and over again and gotten used to the activities. Resisting change is what every nook and cranny would do until a change is forced upon them. It is obvious for anyone to try and make certainty a part of their lives’, but I would term that as a fool’s errand.

It is prudent to acknowledge the fact that no matter what plans we have for our lives, life is willing to curve a ball our way and ruin our plans. Vicki is one of the people who underwent a sudden change in her life but had to accept that fact and move on with her life. After forty-four years of being married, her husband decided to divorce her.

It happened out of the blues when she wasn’t expecting it. She had forgotten how being single meant and felt like. The sudden situation saddened her and left her not knowing what to do. She felt desperate to get back on her feet and fix things in her life. Luckily, she was advised by her sister who was flying to Switzerland at the time, to visit a makeover artist. Since life had rolled the dice for her, she knew that the makeover would make her feel new and vibrant again. Her sister gave her the details of a specific artist, by the name of Christopher Hopkins, who was based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Since Vicki wanted to look great and beautiful again after the divorce from her ex-husband, an old stodge, she booked an appointment with the makeover guy as soon as she could. Vicki had been married at the age of eighteen, and ever since she became single when she got sixty-two. She explained her situation in front of a camera before Christopher had started the makeover process. She went on to explain that she didn’t have a clue of what to do once she got out there again to find love. She was scared, and Christopher sensed this. He decided to boost her confidence by directing all his efforts and skill in the makeover.

Normally, he would do a great job on his clients, but that day he decided to go out of his way and do an exemplary transformation on Vicki. His aim was to lift her up from her sadness. He cut most of her hair and softened her stark eyebrows, making her face more welcoming. After changing her hair’s colour, Vicki had transformed into a totally different person. she felt ready to move on with her life after four decades of marriage.


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