Well-Respected Teacher’s Letter Is Going Viral For Not Holding Back On Calling Out Parents

Well-Respected Teacher’s Letter Is Going Viral For Not Holding Back On Calling Out Parents


Teachers are important people in our child’s life. Once the kids are out of the house and inside the classrooms, their teachers will be their parents inside the school campus. They are not only teaching kids what they need to learn about education, but also they also help mold the child’s personality. However, we all know that most teachers are underpaid and underappreciated. They have so many responsibilities on their shoulders but they are not receiving the right amount of recognition, especially in the public schools.

A retired teacher shed some light about her concerns and what she had gone through by a letter which was later on published in the local newspaper. The response? Definitely mixed! Some agree yet others have something to say about it.

This letter was written by Lisa Roberson. According to her letter, she is a retired teacher and she is sick of people who know nothing about public schools or those who have never been in a classroom recently and are deciding to try to fix the education system.

She wrote:
“The teachers are not the problem! Parents are the problem!”

According to Lisa, the parents are not teaching their children manners, respect, and even a knowledge of how to get along with others. She said that children come to school in shoes that cost more than their teacher’s entire outfit but the kids don’t have a pencil or a piece of paper. The teachers will then come to their rescue and provide them with what they need, out of their own pockets.

“When you look at schools that are “failing,” look at the parents and students,” Lisa wrote. Parents do not always come to parent nights. They do not talk with teachers on a regular basis, and they are not even making sure that their children are prepared with the necessary school supplies that they need, not even their homework! Another concern that this retired teacher has is when parents are not always providing their working telephone numbers. Some parents don’t even know if their kids are taking notes in class or doing their homework.

These factors are only proof that it’s not the school that is failing, it’s the parents. Remember that teachers cannot do their job as an educator, and the job of the parents. She said, “Until parents step up and do their job, nothing is going to get better!”

Lisa’s letter was later on published in their local newspaper and it caused conversations all across their town. It caught the attention of so many people. One of them is Katelyn Slater who commented that these days, many parents are not in touch with their kids and what they do is plug them into whatever electronic that they can hand these children so they wouldn’t have to deal with them. The communication is gone.

Many would agree with Lisa but it cannot be avoided that others are adamant that it should be the teachers’ responsibility while others feel offended for being blamed. Lisa has her own opinion and she’s fighting for what she thinks is right, and so are the parents. This continues to be a hot topic for debate and will continue on for years. What we should understand is that teachers have their responsibilities as educators in school but Mom and dad also need to know their own obligations as parents. If they work hand in hand, children would be better in school and at home.


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