It Wasn’t Until She Posted Her Photos Online Did She Realize What She Captured In The Background

It Wasn’t Until She Posted Her Photos Online Did She Realize What She Captured In The Background


When you are pregnant, taking pictures will help you remember all of these wonderful memories. You take as many photos as you can, especially when your baby bump is already showing. Some couples hire professional photographers to take the pictures to make sure that the angles would be amazing and they are experts when it comes to backgrounds and how to make each shot perfect.

Somehow, one maternity photo caught the attention of the internet and is not going viral!

Dan and Angela were one of these couples who are excited to take the most beautiful maternity pictures. They decided to do their simple photoshoot at the beach. However, when Angela started to pose near the water, something happened in the background that surely got people talking.

While Angela was showing off her tummy on her simple black and white maternity dress, a dolphin leaped from the water!

Dan shared with Yahoo! Parenting that someone started to yell at them saying that there were dolphins. This amazing moment almost did not happen. The couple initially planned to take the maternity photos the week before but then nature did not cooperate because it started raining. So they had to take a ‘rain check’ and decided to go the following weekend and have their photoshoot. It seems like they were destined to do it that day and the dolphin was just there, ready to join in the frame.

Dan and Angela feel like the photo was a sign from above. According to Dan, “When I took it, I was like, oh my God!” But Angela missed it and did not see what shocked him. Not only did the dolphin jumped from the water, but it showed off its jumping skills as if to tell the couple that this is its gift to them.

Dan said, “The dolphin actually jumped twice, but I liked the first jump picture best. How quickly I forget how magical a dolphin jumping out of the water is! Now I’m picking my favorite jump!”

The couple shared this amazing picture on Instagram and it didn’t take long for News4Jax picked up their story. The news station News4Jax shared the picture on Instagram where it received 9,000 likes! They shared this photo with a caption:

“A once in a lifetime shot. Viewer Dan Mozer shared this image of his wife Angeline as they were taking maternity shots at Atlantic Beach.”

Then people started to give them baby name suggestions which involved the dolphin. “And, no,” Dan added. “We’re not changing his name, as some have suggested, to Dolph Finn.” Thousands of people commented on the picture, appreciating the beauty of this once in a lifetime shot. As the couple, some people also think that the presence of the dolphin that day was an incredible sign that this baby is going to be a mover and shaker of the world!

Angela gave birth in February to a healthy baby boy just a few months later after the photoshoot. Mom and dad named him Courtland Thomas Mozer instead of the suggested dolphin-themed names that the public bombarded them with.

Sure we have encountered so many photobombers and we also have seen pictures with hilarious photobombers, but nothing can beat this magnificent dolphin. It may just have been a fluke, but what an amazing coincidence it is!


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