They Wanted To Take A Wedding Photo By The Ocean. When Look At The Images Later, Their Jaws Drop

They Wanted To Take A Wedding Photo By The Ocean. When Look At The Images Later, Their Jaws Drop


Weddings are the most unforgettable even for a couple because something unexpected usually happens and things will never go as planned! Many wedding plans have failed because of some uncontrollable reasons. We have seen plenty of YouTube videos about funny wedding fails and we can’t help but imagine what might have happened before, during, and after the wedding when we see newlyweds by chance.

A couple from Pennsylvania was taking their wedding photos at the Hawaiian beach but ended up soaking wet when hit by a rogue wave that came out of nowhere! Thankfully, this amazing moment was recorded on video by a stranger who was just looking on.

Jayden Barrientos was visiting the China Walls that is located just east of Honolulu when he noticed brides have their wedding photos taken near a cliff, wearing their beautiful white gowns. When interviewed by Inside Edition, Barrientos shared, “I was like, ‘You know what? They’re in the right place and the wave is coming. So I need to get my phone out.’ Sure enough, it just crushed them.”

He captured this once in a lifetime moment of the newlyweds, Kiera Lovell and Jenny McCauley of Montgomery, PA. This was definitely a wet and wild photoshoot that they never expected to happen. According to Barrientos, there were three waves before this big one and you can see them in the video. He was thinking that this giant wave is surely going to crash on the rocks, right where these ladies are standing! And yes, it sure did!

The beach is one of the most favorite venues for photo shoots, especially for prenuptial and weddings. As the ladies were posing for the photographer, they were laughing at something that he said. It sure looks gloomy and the waves are huge, but the newlyweds didn’t mind this at all! The waves are crashing into the rocks and you can hear how strong they are on the video. Barrientos kept filming and when he saw the huge wave he said, “Boom! I told you. I got it on camera! I knew that was gonna happen… cause it happened to me.”

McCauley and Lovell shared that the wave caught them by surprise! McCauley shared that he heard the photographer say, “You should be afraid” but she thought he was kidding so she just kept laughing. Lovell said that she was caught off guard with what happened and she just stood there in shock. They sure had one heck of a photo shoot complete with effects from the waves! What happened made everyone laugh but it led to a very uncomfortable afternoon for the brides. They were already soaking wet and yet, they have a 45-50 minute drive back to their hotel so that they can change their dresses and go to dinner.

Barrientos said that the couple was grateful that he was able to capture what happened. They were very excited and for them, it was the best wedding gift that they would ever receive! Something that they surely wouldn’t forget for the rest of their lives. Aside from the video from Barrientos, the photos from the cameraman was amazing. He was able to capture the very moment that the wave came crashing in. For Lovell, the photos were definitely worth it.


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