Video Of What Police Filmed Tied To Man’s Truck Is Quickly Sending Internet Into A Frenzy

Video Of What Police Filmed Tied To Man’s Truck Is Quickly Sending Internet Into A Frenzy


Heroism they say is embedded in every one of us. Not everyone will wear a cape and fly into burning buildings however we can all be a hero in our own small way.
Making his way up the list of the heros is the volunteer from the office of a County Sheriff who demonstrated his heroism by helping a dog avoid death in one of the most gruesome manners. Here’s how it happened.

After a call to lend a hand to a deputy, the volunteer was making his way out of the Arizona parking lot when he saw a truck also making its way out of the parking lot of a gas station after stopping over to refuel at the gas station with a dog dragged along.

Thinking best how to save the situation, he turned on his sirens and activated the lights, this way, he was able to stop the moving truck and rescue the dog in tow. This incident took place in Ash Fork, Arizona.

From a footage captured by the camera on the dashboard, it revealed the volunteer officer from the office of the Yavapai Sheriff proceeding out of the parking lot onto the road but then decided to pause, letting the semi-truck pull ahead of him onto the road.

Surprising, as the truck pulled out of the station, tied to its back corner was a small dog, running relentlessly to keep up with the moving truck that was steadily gaining speed.

With the truck on its way, the officer knew he had to do something and that time was of the essence, whatever he had to do, he had to do it fast and soon since the truck was already on its way onto the highway. Reacting at a fast speed as could be observed from the footage, the volunteer applied pressure to his horn and then proceeded to set off the sirens and the lights.

He then went after the driver and catching up with him brought his car up to the driver’s side and signaled to the truck driver to pull over, the driver in turn then pulled over.

The surveillance from the gas station later revealed the truck driver walking back to unchain the distressed dog.

The driver and owner after reclaiming his dog expressed his gratitude and thanked the volunteer for his effort in rescuing the dog.

In a statement issued on Facebook by the Sheriff’s Department, they attributed the incident to distraction on the path of the truck driver whom they said was carried away and headed in the direction of the interstate while forgetting to unchain his Dog.

No charges are being leveled against the truck driver and all these thanks to the volunteers that go about their work day and night particularly to the volunteer that contributed majorly to the dog’s safety.

People have since then taken to the Facebook to applaud the Volunteer for his sharp response and alertness.

The duty of volunteers of the Sheriff’s office is to help deputies out with various tasks which include transporting prisoners, securing the crime scene, controlling the traffic, checking out vacation properties and lots more, the tune of their assignment is regulated by the department.

This is another wake-up call for people all around the world, even the seemingly little things can make a difference.


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