Video Of Man Suffering From MS Goes Viral After He Walks For The First Time In 12 Years

Video Of Man Suffering From MS Goes Viral After He Walks For The First Time In 12 Years


Humankind seems to be plagued with all sorts of diseases from every corner. Even animals seem to have it easier when it comes to infections and diseases. It is almost like there is one always waiting to get you. Even though most of them can be treated and cured, others take away more than we are willing to offer. The advances made every day in modern medicine are our hope as we fight the never-ending battle against diseases.

When Roy Palmer was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he was devastated. It meant that his own immune system was attacking his body and soon, he lost his ability to walk. That was ten years ago when doctors were still trying to understand the condition, let alone develop a treatment for it. Roy has been on the wheelchair ever since, completely paralyzed. He could not feel his waist down and had to be helped with most things that he could previously do on his own. The man almost gave up on ever walking again, but ten years later, he saw something that rekindled his hope.

Roy and his wife were home watching television when they saw something on BBC reports that captured their attention. There was a program running about some type of advanced treatment that helped people on their wheelchairs walk again. It featured two men who were wheeled in at the Sheffield Hospital, only to come out walking. The couple did not know whether it would work for them, but they were overjoyed. Roy wondered why the treatment should not work on him if it did on the two men. He was taking his chances, and nothing was going to stop him.

Last year, Palmer and his wife went to the hospital and requested to have the treatment done on him. He was warned that it was still experimental and may not work. He was also told that there was a risk of infections as well as infertility. The man had faith and decided to give it a shot.

Two days after the HSTC treatment, Roy could feel his left leg. A few days later he could feel both, and he did not wait to be asked to get on his feet. He walked right out of the hospital, barely believing that his feet were functional after ten years of lying in the wheelchair. He felt great, and to him, it was a miracle.

Roy knew that he had been given a second chance to life, and to make the most out of it, he volunteered at his local police station. He was recently on holiday in Turkey and had the chance to walk on the beach. He still can’t get over it, and it made him realize that people take what they have for granted.

The fun-loving dad has also become a sensation on social media where videos of him doing all sorts of funny things are trending. He has not been left behind in the Kiki challenge. To him, the ability to dance again after a decade in a wheelchair is God-given. He urges people to appreciate what they have because not everyone does. It is a teaching that can never be over-emphasized.


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