Two Toddlers Died In Hot Cars Just Hours Apart

Two Toddlers Died In Hot Cars Just Hours Apart


Accidents happen but they can be avoided.

The family of Milliani Robertson-Lawrence is now grieving after she was found dead in the family’s minivan at the PATCO station in Lindenwold. According to the family friend, the little girl suffocated inside the hot car.

The police reported that the girl was spotted inside the van by a passerby at around 2:30 in the afternoon on Friday. The family came back to the car just before 5:30 PM. Those who were at the PATCO Lindenwold station that day were shocked upon learning what happened.

Juan Cave was picking up his wife from the station that day. He said, “I’m sure it was an accident but nonetheless, how do you leave a kid in a car?”
This is also the same question that the Camden County prosecutors have. Miliani’s father said, “What did you do for eight hours that you forgot a 2-year-old? Exactly what were you doing at the PATCO station? You killed my daughter. You took her from me.”

Just hours after the incident, another child was found dead in a hot car. This was just 900 miles away in Booneville, Mississippi. The 21-month-old baby was left inside the car in a parking lot that is blistering with hot temperatures.

Police Chief Michael Ramey explained that the officers found the child dead inside a vehicle on North Second Street. The vehicle was parked near a children’s daycare and an adult daycare where both establishments are sharing a parking lot.

According to Ramey, it appeared as if the child was left in a vehicle at a workplace in Booneville for hours during the day before arriving at the daycare facility at 5:00 PM. The boy’s identity remains to be kept in private but reports reveal that the body was sent to the state medical examiner’s officer.

A family friend stated that one of the parents went to the daycare to pick up the child but soon found out that the baby never made it inside the establishment.
Child death inside hot cars is increasing in number. In fact, heat stroke is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle-related deaths in children who are under 15 years old. Heat stroke can happen to anyone. A child’s body can heat up three to five times faster than those of an adult. So when a child is left inside a hot car, his or her major organs will start to shut down when the body temperature reaches 104-degrees Fahrenheit. Car experts explain that cars heat up fast. During hotter days, the car can become so hot inside in just 10 minutes.

These accidents can be avoided. There are so many things that you can do to make sure that your child, or anyone’s kid is left alone in the car before you leave and lock the door. Any parent or caregiver should always check the back seat to make sure that everyone is out of the car before locking it.

If the child is old enough, make them understand that cars are not a safe place to play. As the driver, or even the passenger, always double check the inside of the car, even the trunk before walking away.

If a child is missing, there are two important places that you should look for first – the pool, then the car (including the trunk!)


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