Two Men In A Pickup Truck Solve Illness That Doctor’s Wrote Off As Her Faking It

Two Men In A Pickup Truck Solve Illness That Doctor’s Wrote Off As Her Faking It


When Kathi Wilson hired plumbers to install a water heater in her house ten years ago, she did not know that it would be the beginning of her problems. The heater worked fine, but months later, her health began deteriorating rapidly and soon her young, bubbly self was reduced to nothing more than a frail, sad and ailing woman. It never got better, and Kathi was in for a ten-year-long period of suffering, weakness, and misery.

Things became somewhat mysterious when the doctors could not make a diagnosis. Kathi was experiencing all sorts of symptoms ranging from the casual fever to bad bouts of flu and general weakness in her body. The mother began panicking and visited as many doctors as she could afford, but none could identify what exactly was wrong with her. Tests were conducted, and evaluations were made, but not one of them could explain why her body was failing her. Eventually, Kathi gave up and retreated to her house where she did her best to take care of herself and rest as much as she could for what she thought were her last days.

Kathi’s voice started disappearing and eventually, she could not talk. Her body got so weak that she could barely lift herself from her bed or move an inch without a walking stick. For one so young, it looked like a curse. Poor Kathi!

Ten years later, Kathi was still suffering but in the comfort of her home. She noticed that her bathroom was wearing out. She then made arrangements to have plumbers come in and renovate the furnishing, tiles, vanity and the water heater. Little did Kathi know that this exercise would have a much better outcome.

Two men arrived in the contractor’s van and began assessing the bathroom to make plans on how they would renovate it. They later got to work, and almost immediately, they made a discovery that would change Kathi’s life forever. It took them minutes to figure out what doctors had not, even after ten years.

As the men worked on the furnace, they discovered what had cost Kathi a decade of good health, youth, and happiness. Apparently, the previous plumber who had fixed the furnace and water heater had done so the wrong way. It had been leaking small amounts of carbon monoxide which had accumulated over the years, slowly killing poor Kathi. Then men fixed the system without much ado, and one could notice the improvement that Kathi had made in a week.

Her body was gaining back its strength, and she needed her cane less often. Her fever was disappearing, and she started regaining her voice. The symptoms were disappearing, and Kathi was slipping back to her former jovial and beaming self. Her daughter couldn’t be happier, and she started taking her mom out for short walks once in a while. God knows she needed the fresh air.

The gas, hopefully, will clear from her system soon and the effects she had suffered will be reversed. Kathi could not adequately express her gratitude to the two men that just might have saved her life. She struggled to her weak feet and managed to give them both a hug. They were her heroes.


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