Trump’s Niece Claims, “Donald Trump Destroyed My Father. I Can’t Let Him Destroy My Country,”

Trump’s Niece Claims, “Donald Trump Destroyed My Father. I Can’t Let Him Destroy My Country,”


Mary Trump is President Donald Trumps’ niece. She has claimed that the President took advantage of the silence and inaction of his siblings that led to the destruction of her father, Fred Trump Jr.

Fred Trump Jr. died of alcoholism. According to her, Fred Trump and Donald Trump didn’t help with providing treatment for her father who struggled with alcoholism and a faulty heart valve. Mary Trump also accuses the President of being a sociopath in her book: Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.

In her book, she stated that America was under the threat of being destroyed because of Trump’s “hubris and willful ignorance.” The New York Supreme Court initially blocked Mary Trumps’ book but is now set for a release two weeks ahead of schedule. People can start buying her book on July 14.

According to her, after three years of Trump’s presidency, she couldn’t remain silent anymore. Mary Trump will address her father’s alcoholism in the book as well as the role of his toxic family played in his downfall. Mary points fingers at Fred Trump, her grandfather, as well as to Donald Trump, her uncle.

She wrote, “Donald, following the lead of my grandfather and with the complicity, silence, and inaction of his siblings, destroyed my father. I can’t let him destroy my country.” Mary Trump also said that her grandfather “dismantled his oldest son.”

Mary Trump reveals that her aunt and uncles “should be ashamed of themselves” over the legal battle. She said, “Given this family, it would be utterly naive to say it has nothing to do with money.” Through the years, Mary Trump had kept a low profile since the family dispute over the estate of Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump Sr. in 2000. According to Fred Trump Jr.’s family, Fred Trump’s 1991 will was “procured by fraud and undue influence” while he was suffering dementia. She believes that the will was all in favor of Donald Trump and his siblings.

Growing up, Donald Trump would have an unhealthy competition with Fred Trump Jr. who didn’t want to do anything with the family business. In 1981, Fred Trump Jr. battled with alcoholism and later on died of a heart attack. He was considered as the potential heir to his father’s wealth and riches. However, he left the family business and decided to work for an airline instead.

And because of his decision, this created so much friction within their family. Just last year, the President said, “I do regret having put pressure on him. It was just not his thing. . . . I think the mistake that we made was we assumed that everybody would like it. That would be the biggest mistake.”

All of this helps Mary Trump conclude that “Donald and Fred Trump Sr. contributed to his death and neglected him at critical stages of his addiction.” After deciding to leave the family business, her grandfather saw her father’s decision as “a betrayal, and he had no intention of letting his oldest son forget it.”

Mary Trump said that while her father was needing all the help at that time, neither Fred Trump nor Donald Trump sought to help him. He struggled with alcoholism and a faulty heart valve that cost him his life.


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