Tom Hanks Recreates Famous Scene From Big With Sandra Bullock And It’s Better Than The Original

Tom Hanks Recreates Famous Scene From Big With Sandra Bullock And It’s Better Than The Original


Playing the piano with your hands it no joke. People train for so many years before they get a hang of it. But if you think playing with your hands is hard, try playing the piano with your legs. You will agree it takes a lot more to do that, but it isn’t especially if you are Tom Hanks and his partner in the video below. They make playing with their feet seem like Piecemeal.

Sometime in 1988, a Young Tom Hanks on jumped on a giant piano in a scene of the movie “Big” he what followed was a wonderful rendition of “heart and Soul” and chopsticks with nothing but his feet. Till today, That iconic from 30 years ago is still fresh in the minds of many that have seen the movie. In fact, Hanks is still asked about it in a lot of interviews, and In 2013, when Hanks appeared in the Jonathan Ross show to promote the movie Captain Philips, he was asked about it again.

During the funny segment, Ross didn’t just ask Hanks about the scene from Big but instead, he revealed a giant piano on the floor and asked Hanks if he could play for the audience. Hanks agreed to and played a few bars of “Heart and Soul” to the delight of the audience. Ross later joined in and tried to play a few bars of “Chopsticks” with Hanks as well.

Then he left the stage and left hanks alone to play on how own. He played an upbeat song that got the audience’s grove on. But what everyone wanted to see Hanks play was “Chopsticks”! but for him to do that successfully he needed a partner. Since Robert Loggia wasn’t anywhere around, Sandra Bullock who was also on the Jonathan Ross show to promote her movie Gravity, had to step in to make things happen.

Bullock is Hank’s friend. The pair has co-starred in the movie Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close together. Bullock volunteered to assist Hanks with “Chopsticks: but there was only one problem. She was wearing spiky high heels and Hanks didn’t think she could be able to perform on the piano with them.

Bullock felt she could go all the way, high heels or not. “Now we can do ‘Chopsticks,’ but maybe not in your heels,” Hanks says to Bullock in the video. “Oh, I can do ‘Chopsticks’ in my heels,” she replies confidently.

But while most people would have issues even walking in high heels, Bullock proved she could even play piano in them. Everyone was impressed with the pair’s mind-blowing performance.

Sure enough, Bullock did an amazing job playing in her high heels. Hanks, Ross, and the entire audience were very impressed. They just couldn’t get enough of it. They clapped and cheered while the two stars played their hearts out on the oversized keyboard.

The video was also uploaded on YouTube and everyone who has seen it also fell in love with it as well. Many of those who commented were excited to see two of their favorite movie stars performing such a famous scene of their favorite movie together.

Bullock and Hanks are naturals at playing with their feet. You can watch their amazing performance in the video below. We are confident you will be impressed as well.


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