She Thought She Bought A Cute Ornament, But What Granddaughter Finds Inside Is So Embarrassing

She Thought She Bought A Cute Ornament, But What Granddaughter Finds Inside Is So Embarrassing


Times are always changing. Nothing around us looks the same way it looked some years ago which makes it a lot harder for the older generation to keep up and make sense of everything around them. With so many changes going on in the world, it isn’t going to be too much of a surprise if oldies find it harder to recognize certain things simply because it looks a lot different than how it looked in the past.

One Grandma was at a Dunnes shopping store on a day when she spotted what she thought was an ornament. She was immediately drawn to the sparkly and glittering bright purple coloured fabric in and orb-shaped case and considering the season she probably thought the glittery object would be the perfect addition to her Christmas tree. She eagerly made the purchase and took it home with her.

Grandma was too tired by the time she got home. Luckily she had her granddaughter Alex with her and grandma enlisted Alex’s help to put the ornament she bought on the tree and the young girl eagerly obliged much to grandma’s relief.

Young Alex got down to business immediately she carefully unboxed the Christmas tree that Grandma had purchased and soon set to work assembling it. She was done in no time and started with the fun part of her task, decorating the tree. She added the boxes of tassels, garland and the string light on the tree. Grandma was delighted to see how beautiful her tree was coming out.

Alex place on the decorative ornaments on the tree one after the other. Soon she found one piece of ornament that even though was just as sparkly and beautiful as the others, looked a little out of place. It was the glittering plastic bulb that grandma had gotten earlier at the store. Alex looked it over and immediately recognized what it was. This isn’t an ordinary ornament. Alex wiggled the plastic bulb in her palm a little bit, and it popped open. She then removed the piece of purple material inside the sphere gingerly, and sure enough, it was exactly what she had suspected it would be.

Alex burst into loud laughter when she made the discovery. It was the funniest thing in the world, and the young girl decided to take some pictures to share what she had found on Twitter: she wrote:

“My 74-year-old grandmother bought Christmas baubles in Dunnes Stores, which I have just realized upon decorating her tree that, unbeknownst to her upon purchase, they are, in fact, lavender glitter G-strings.”

Grandma had no idea that what she purchased was no Christmas ornament but something more risqué. But who can blame her? In her days G-Strings properly came in less decorated packaging and looked less like Christmas decorations. Grandma found the situation hilarious as well. Its okay to mix things up once in a while. And considering how this G-string was packaged we don’t blame grandma if she got it a little mixed up too. That doesn’t make the situation any less hilarious though, and we are sure she got a chuckle out of it too. Maybe she’ll bring Alex along the next time she decided to go shopping. We don’t blame you, Grandma! The world can be a strange place to live in!


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