There’s A Deadly New Bug That’s Popping Up All Over America. Here’s What You Need To Know

There’s A Deadly New Bug That’s Popping Up All Over America. Here’s What You Need To Know


Residents of South Florida are all scared after severally spotting a deadly species of the flatworm family. This insect can cause fatal infections to anyone with whom it gets into contact. There have been several cases of flatworms, and the threat has not been as high or severe as this. This species originates from New Guinea and can cause acute infections that may, in some cases, result to death.

Everyone, especially in the most affected places should keep watch and try to avoid the worm as much as possible. Though it can infect someone with skin disease just through touch, the case is worse if it gets into direct contact with the body.

Locals and the authorities that knew the severity of the infections of the worm were surprised to see it and warned those staying around to keep off and report to the authorities.

Some of the severe conditions that the warm can cause are serious brain problems, it also infects the spinal cord and can damage it severely as well. Surprisingly the worm affects both humans and animals, and therefore pets are at the risk of being infected as well. In animals, the infection causes meningitis and other fatal conditions.

What is worse is that the worm also affects trees and this is to say that the ecosystem of South Florida and other affected places will soon experience serious negative changes in the ecosystem. Researchers say they cannot tell for sure where the worm will attack next. They also say that knowing how far it will spread is also not possible.

The worm has also attacked Miami, and one specialist talked about it. She said that her friend who lives in Miami had called her about the insect she had found in the house. When she reached her friend’s place and saw the worm, she identified it to be the same one causing so much panic.

She also explained that the worms get into Miami through farm plants that come from outside. When farmers get them, they are unaware of what more they carry and they plant. Since the farm is always moist, the worms breed even more. An unfortunate fact is that some farmers may end up infected as well.

All the residents have to do is to keep their eyes open and report to the authorities whenever they come across the worm.

Researchers are trying to find the best way to get rid of the worm. However, they have identified one way, though not very reliable.

One can get rid of the worm by pouring hot water along the walls of the house regularly. Apart from this method, the only way to keep it off is by periodically clearing the moist places around the house. The worm breeds highly in areas like the flower beds and the backyard. Regularly cleaning such sites helps keep them at bay or at least makes it difficult for them to hide so that they are spotted easily.

Also, parents should make it a point to know where their children play. The children should stay in open and dry areas which could hardly provide habitat for the warm. As we keep ourselves and children safe, we should also keep our eyes on the pets. They are also at risk of getting infected and keeping them off the moist places could help.


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