The Meaning Behind Those Stickers You See On Fruits And Veggies

The Meaning Behind Those Stickers You See On Fruits And Veggies


There are certain things we never stop to wonder what significance they bear. What we don’t know is that it’s those little things we ignore and consider of less importance that are the ones of great meaning and that they can cause significant impacts.

Take for example the stickers on the fruits we buy from the store. It is very rare to find someone in the produce section trying to look for fruits with particular codes. What we concentrate more on is usually how ripe does the fruit look? What color it is and how fresh it seems. However, we should know that the stickers on the fruits that we barely pay attention to are of at most importance.

Finding out what these codes mean apart from an identification number to be typed into a self-checkout machine is essential. So basically the codes on the produce usually identify them with where they were grown. It also tells a lot of whether the fruit was grown naturally or had some genetic modification.

For those fruits that have stickers that have four-digit codes, this means that the fruit grew in a conventionally healthy area. Therefore it is advisable for consumers to consider often purchasing these fruits. On the other hand, the codes that are five digits and have number 8 at the beginning are of those fruits that have been genetically modified and therefore not so healthy. Avoiding such fruits is advised as they contain harmful carcinogens.

Another category is those numbers that start with digit 4. Users are medically discouraged against consuming these since they were treated with chemicals and pesticides and may cause potential harm. A five digit code with a number 9 at the beginning is a good sign. These stickers are put on the fruits that have grown organically without any genetic modification and little to no chemicals or pesticides. These fruits are very healthy and do not contain any harmful compounds and are highly recommended.

Basing from the above facts, just the judgment of the eye is not enough to tell whether a fruit is healthy. Some fruits can look healthy but are potentially harmful and can cause serious health issues for the consumer. Another deceitful thing is the label “natural.” Statistically, the word natural has been made common to many foods and lost its meaning. Every food producing company wants its food to be preferred over the other, and since many people like natural foods then that’s what they label it. The word has been reduced to a marketing term and therefore cannot be enough to tell whether produce is good for consumption or not.

The International Federation for Produce Standards, therefore, decided to produce fruit stickers to tell more of the fruit to the buyer and do away with the deceit. Hence, it is advised that we do a little research on the foods we purchase and what codes they are especially produced as they do play significant roles in our health.

There are many other important things we often take for granted yet they mean a lot. For example the other labels on foods like free-range, GMO-free and the percentages that are always indicated on the labels. These also should guide us through our purchases to ensure we get the best of the best.


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