The Half Moon Shape On Your Nail Can Be A Sign Of Your Health

The Half Moon Shape On Your Nail Can Be A Sign Of Your Health


No one should know body better than you and conversely, we can say that no one knows you better than your body. When things are off deep within, your body knows and find ways to raise an alarm long before things get out of hand. Being wise enough to identify these subtle signs might make a big difference.

These signs and symptoms come in various forms. One of the least known ways that your body might be used to tell you about your health is through your lunula, and before you start wondering what that is, it’s that moon shaped area on your nails. It might have gotten overlooked for a long time but maybe after reading this, you will learn to see it a lot more differently.

There are about 8-10 lunulas on a healthy person’s hands. Most of them have a whitish color. If you don’t have up to that number, let’s say your thumbs are the only fingers on your hands that have a lunula then you are prone to get sick more often and will have low physical energy.

Here are some other things you should know about the lunula:

1. it is not white
The lunula might look white, but it actually isn’t. It only has that color because the nail sits on top of it. It is very sensitive and is most visible on the thumb.

2. It is not a part of the nail
The lunula is a layer on top of the skin which covers the blood vessels underneath it and is not part of the nail. It sits under the nail but it isn’t actually a part of it.

3. Your lunula will stay remain, even after the nail is removed
The lunula will still remain intact even if the nail is completely removed. Also even if it isn’t visible on your nail, it doesn’t mean you don’t have it.

4. The lunula says a lot about your health
According to experts, your lunula can reveal a lot about your health. A smaller lunula can indicate anemia or malnutrition. The normal color of the Lunula in a healthy person should be an ivory color thus, having a lunula that is blue colored is an indicator of diabetes, a reddish colored one means the person might be having some forms of cardiovascular disease. Having a lunula smaller than usual could also indicate indigestion or slow metabolism.

5. A healthy one is roughly one-fifth of the size of the fingernail
On the average, most people’s lunula is roughly one-fifth of the size of their fingernails.

6. The lighter the color of a person’s lunula is, the better
The whiteness of a person lunula can be an indication of the person’s overall health or an indication of the strength of the person’s immune system.

7. The shape of your nail is important
Asides the lunula, the shape of the fingernail can be used as a great indicator of someone’s health. The nail should also be smooth and glossy.

8. what does the disappearance of the lunula mean?
This could also be a sign of sickness and the lunula will usually repair after the individual has recovered.

9. Size also matters
When a person’s lunular is smaller than it should be, that could be an indication of poor health, and a weak immune system.


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