Teens Harass A Little Kid At The Park Until The Man On The Bench Changes The Situation Fast

Teens Harass A Little Kid At The Park Until The Man On The Bench Changes The Situation Fast


Bullying is one of the major problems that we face these days. Anywhere you are, this is a common concern, no matter if you are young or old. Years pass by and this is becoming more prevalent, especially in America.

A sad but true fact.

Suicide rates are increasing each year because children are being ridiculed, harassed, and abused by their peers that surround them, and even by other people online. Others may know or have learned how to stand up to their bullies, but it is never easy to do so if you are outnumbered by individuals who are much older than you.

Matthew Bandeira is aware of the bullying statistics and he realized that is important that we adults and children should learn how to deal with it. According to his video, 28% of students aging 12 to 18 are being bullied. Lucky for those who do because parents and their school staff can do something to stop it from getting worse. But what happens to those who don’t report it at all?

Statistics reveal that about 160,000 children would avoid going to school because they are afraid that their bullies are going to be there. Matthew had grown sick and tired of how this becomes a common problem and why children have to deal with these bullies at school, in the playground, at home, and even online. This is the reason why he decided to challenge the public to help stop these bullies by standing up to them and help protect other children who are becoming the victim of this issue.

In order to do this social experiment, he recruited four children. One of them was smaller than the others. He was given a backpack and a soccer ball as his props. He also got three older boys to act like bullies to the younger boy. He set this up at a public park to get as much attention and help spread awareness. Matthew wanted others to notice what is happening and would be given the chance to respond to it while the camera captures as the scenes unfold.

He was able to capture adults reacting to this scenario at each given opportunity. He wanted to know how these adults would react – whether they will stand up for the smaller boy, or just turn a blind eye?

A mom was the first one to get tested by this social experiment while she was with her kids at the park. She was just watching while one of the older bullies picked up the boys’ bag and threw it over the park. Then one of the bullies stole his soccer ball. This did not sit well with her and she stood up and confronted the bullies for picking on a smaller child.

Matthew did the experiment again twice and the first woman was on her phone while the second was a man who was texting on his tablet. The results of this social experiment will surprise you!

Bullying is a problem not only in the United States but everywhere in the world. Let us help save our children from the increasing suicide rates and stop the fear that they have of going to school because of this problem. If given the chance, stand up to this bullies if you can!


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