Teens Hand Airline Agent Two First Class Tickets, She Immediately Spots Sign They’re In Grave Danger

Teens Hand Airline Agent Two First Class Tickets, She Immediately Spots Sign They’re In Grave Danger


Denise was truly sent by God, and no one really knows what could have happened to these girls if she had not been so diligent in her job.

We live in a world that has been rife with a lot atrocities for quite a long time. Human rights are being curtailed, and a lot of vices have somehow been able to pervade our society in such a way that people now associate with them, take pride in performing them, and seeing them as commonplace.

However, in spite of all these, it truly is something refreshing for us to see people who are able to take stand against what is wrong and who will still hold the moral standard of an upright person.

God is really good, and he makes sure to always put the right people in the place at just the right time in order to make a difference and help people whenever they need his assistance the most.

This story here is a classic example of that, and Denise was a perfect instrument to be used by God in this incredibly delicate situation.

So we go into the gist…

Just a while back, a ticket agent who works for American Airlines, whose name is Denise Miracle, did something that can only be described by anyone as a miracle for two young teenage girls who needed help as a matter of urgency.

Denise, who works as a American Airlines ticket agent at the Sacramento International Airport at California, was working behind her desk when the two teenage girls walked up to her counter and gave her a pair of plane tickets. Their looks easily gave them away, and there was no way through which they could have hidden the fact that they were truly underaged.

The two girls, who were aged 15 and 17 respectively, told Denise that they wanted to get a flight and were on their way to New York City. The two of them didn’t have much on them by way of luggage. They also didn’t have any means of identification, and they were on their own; there was no adult who was going with them.

As soon as Denise heard their story, there was something about the whole thing that communicated to her that something was terribly wrong. To try and get some certainty, she took a closer look at the tickets that were presented to her by the girls. From closer inspection, she could see that he tickets had been bought on the Internet with the use of a credit card. However, what was off was the fact that the name on the credit card didn’t match any of the girls’ names. Dense continued to examine the incredibly pricey tickets (which were for first class seats) and the more she looked at these tickets, the more he suspicious feeling in her continued to grow even stronger.

To help ease her suspicions, she called on police officers and as soon as the deputies arrived on the scene, they began to make some headway into finding out the identity of the person who bought the plane tickets for the teenage girls.

Now Denise has gotten the praise of thousands of people for her role in helping to save the lives of these two young girls.


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