Teen Receives $20,000 Offer For This Weird-Looking Dorito Chip

Teen Receives $20,000 Offer For This Weird-Looking Dorito Chip


Teen Receives $20,000 Offer For This Weird-Looking Dorito Chip

Some people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a valuable collectors’ item. It can be a prized possession or heirloom. It can be a piece of jewelry, a gemstone, or something that is definitely worth spending on.

But will you believe that a unique-looking piece of Dorito chip can be worth over $20,000? Well, that is exactly the offer that this teen got for this piece of chip.

A 13-year-old Australian teen named Rylee Stuart to the surprise of her life while she was eating a bag of Doritos chips. She noticed that one of the chips was oddly shaped. It was a big, puffy chip, and looks completely different from the standard flat shapes that the chip brand usually makes.

The teen was ‘thinking about eating the chip’ but she decided that it’s TikTok worthy. So she posted it on her TikTok page to show the world her new find. And this clip quickly went viral. The video garnered over 2 million views. And to her surprise, many people showed their interest in buying the chip from her!

Stuart didn’t think that her weird Doritos chip would gain so much attention and that people would be willing to spend loads of money just to have it. This is not the first time though that something similar to this happened.

The owner of the ‘Among Us’ nugget that was sold in June on eBay closed the deal for over $10,000. She thought that maybe she could do the same with her Dorito chip.

With encouragement from family and friends, the teen decided to upload the chip to eBay after it become Tik Tok famous. And soon enough, the chip earned tons of bids from those interested in a ‘puffy chip one of a kind’ listing.

Somebody even bid for $10,000 for the chip. Might sound absurd for some, but it’s real. And Rylee shared that she freaked out when she saw the bid.

Her family would joke around claiming that they own the chip and she was just lucky to have found it. Her father even joked that he was the one who actually bought the Doritos, so he said it was just right that the money they would receive from the eBay listing go to him.

The Doritos chip became so viral that even the Doritos Australia company took notice of Rylee Stuart and her online listing. The chief marketing officer, Vandita Pandey, said that the company was ‘impressed with Stuart’s entrepreneurial spirit.’ She adds that they ‘wanted to make sure that the Stuart family was rewarded for their creativity and love for Doritos.’

So Doritos Australia decided to reward the family with $20,000!

This is to thank them for their dedication to the brand. eBay already took the listing down after a few days but for their dedication to the unique Dorito, their efforts paid off. She may not have been the first person to have a unique Dorito, but Rylee and her family are thankful for the opportunity that the chip has rewarded them.

So the next time you find something unique, why not try to make it famous too? Think about the $20,000 Dorito chip that made Ryle $20,000 richer. You might not know but the unique food that you eat might pay off for you.


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