Teen Gives Up Her Baby For Adoption But With One Rule That’s Going Viral

Teen Gives Up Her Baby For Adoption But With One Rule That’s Going Viral


Kaleena was only 19 years old when she got pregnant. It was her senior year in high school. “While I became pregnant I was at the end of my 12th-grade year and I graduated while I pregnant,” she said. Unlike other teenage girls who got pregnant early, Kaleena decided to keep the baby and thought that it would the best option to give the baby up for adoption. As the months came by, Kaleena became more and more sure about her decision.

Giving her up for adoption is going to give the baby the best chance of having a happy life with a complete and solid family. She went beyond her call of duty after the adoption. But before it came the time to hand the newborn to her new parents, Kaleena was glad that she was able to spend some time with her daughter while she rested on her chest. This was definitely an instant bond that she will always remember for the rest of her life. “I was excited to meet my daughter. When my daughter finally came out and she was laid on my chest I was so happy. It was the greatest feeling to have my daughter in my chest. And to hear her cry knowing that she’s healthy.”

After that brief moment, Kaleena handed her baby to the adoptive parents which happen to be their family friend. Kaleena said that the reason that she chose a family friend is not that she’s family, but also because she knows that the adoptive parents would be able to provide a life for her daughter Kaleena wants her to have. It was obvious that the new parents were excited and Kaleena was ready to let her mind, body, and heart heal. The decision to give her up was not easy for her.

“I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s definitely hard but I’m doing this all out of love because I want the best thing for my daughter.”

Kaleena said that she made sure not to give in to the urge to see her daughter that first week because she wanted the new parents to bond with her daughter. “I wanted my daughter to realize ‘these are my parents’, and not have to be torn away from the somebody she’s already bonded with.”

This might be a very common story that we hear about teenage moms, but Kaleena’s was different. She made sure that she will be supplying breastmilk for her daughter’s needs. At first, she was having problems with her supply, but she doubled up her efforts to make sure that the little girl will have everything that she needs. She even had her placenta encapsulated so that she could take it and get all the nutrients and the effects of the hormones and the vitamins and minerals that were expelled. This also helped her get rid of the ‘baby blues.’

With the amount of breastmilk that she was able to supply, the baby would be taken care of for months. Now that her supply is getting lesser by the day, she is sad that the new parents will not be needing her anymore. This is a painful choice for her but she’s doing this so that her child can have a better life.


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