Teen Gets First Haircut In 5 Years During Surprise Makeover, Her New Look Has Her Friends Screaming

Teen Gets First Haircut In 5 Years During Surprise Makeover, Her New Look Has Her Friends Screaming


A person’s physical appearance changes over time. As we get older, life can sometimes take a toll on us. The Today show has a segment called “Ambush Makeover” where a person goes through a life-changing makeover and they have inspired so many people as they do ambush makeovers for a person. A 19-year old has never had a haircut and Ambush Makeover is going to change her life for the better.

Libby hadn’t had a haircut since she was 14 years old. Two fashion experts were going to pick two teenagers for the ambush makeover and Libby was one of them! Libby is a from Colorado Springs and she is a sophomore pre-med student at Xavier University. Accompanied by her friends who were with her during their spring break, cheering for a basketball tournament, Libby got the biggest reactions for her ambush makeover.

For her friends, Libby is the type of girl who wears the typical sporty outfit. She doesn’t wear makeup and her hair is very long and wavy. During the pre-makeover interview, Libby said that she is excited about what’s about to happen. She said, “I haven’t cut my hair in a while and I’m pretty excited to see what it looks like.” She continued to say, “Mom, don’t freak out!”

Before the big reveal, her friends were blindfolded. Libby was called and she is wearing a gorgeous white, leathered jacket for her top and a black skirt. Her hair was styled and she’s wearing makeup! She is stunning! However, she has not seen how she looks yet. The moment her friends removed their blindfolds, they were all shocked to see how gorgeous she is. She was asked to look at her reflection in the mirror and she just can’t believe what her eyes are seeing!

The before and after looks were compared and you can clearly see the difference. According to the stylist, Libby wanted to keep her hair long so it was just lightened and softened and was given a few highlights. Some of her friends can’t help but shed happy tears for her.

The show also has another makeover after Libby. She is Natalie is from Virginia and she works as a postpartum nurse and was also at the plaza for the basketball tournament. She came to the plaza that morning to try to get “ambushed” because her son keeps telling her that she needs to get a haircut. Ambush Makeover is going to do that for her!

During the pre-makeover interview, Natalie’s son Gareth said that he really wanted this for his mom. Natalie said, “I have to be a cool mom for these two boys.” Like Libby’s friends, Natalie’s family was also blindfolded before her big reveal. As soon as Natalie emerged from backstage, she’s unrecognizable. The stylist shared that her hair was cut, shaded, and highlighted in proportion to her body. She was clothed in a stunning black long sleeved top and black slacks, paired with a necklace to complete her look. Her family, especially her two boys were shocked to see their mom’s transformation.

Many of us are sometimes taking our appearance for granted because of our busy schedules or maybe just because we are already used to how simple we look. However, it is also important that we take care of ourselves to boost our self-confidence and our self-worth.


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