Teacher’s Bathroom Note Causes Outrage Among Parents

Teacher’s Bathroom Note Causes Outrage Among Parents


Aside from home, the school is where students would learn how to follow certain rules, especially inside the classroom. We all know that students will typically have to ask permission to be excused from class whenever they have to leave the room for a bathroom break, to go to the nurse, or for any other reason. These kids need to have a hall pass so that other staff seeing them walking around knows that they are not skipping classes. This is a process that has been implemented for decades.

One teacher named Mrs. White from Aspire Hanley Middle School which is a charter school located in Memphis, Tenessee became the focus of attention among parents because of what she did that caused outrage. She made her own rules about bathroom breaks!

This teacher sent an eighth-grade student home with a note which angered the parents.nobody can blame them, any parent would surely feel the same way.

The note specified that she will only give each student two hall passes for the entire month during her class. Remember that these kids go to school five days a week and about four weeks a month. This will most likely become 20 days a month and imagine if your son or daughter who happens to attend her class will only be allowed to leave the classroom TWICE! Special accommodations will only be made if the student has a note from his or her doctor regarding a medical condition.

Aside from that, Mrs. White also specified that failure to comply with her ‘own’ rules would result in getting a detention or a zero on the assignment they are currently doing on that day. However, this is not all of it! The teacher also refers to herself as “petty” and even included in her note that she has the power to deny any student for taking their break even if they haven’t used up their two-time limit for the month yet. She also states that she would be happy to talk to her students about her rules but still, nothing will change. She ended her note with these words:

“If you lose your pass, IM SORRY, TRY AGAIN NEXT MONTH.”

A concerned mother decides to share this ridiculous note to the world so she posted a photo of it on her Facebook page. This is when it caught the internets’ attention. Her post appeared to have already been removed but other parents were able to see it and began to voice out their concern regarding the issue. One of the parents said that this clearly shows that the teacher has control issues and has no power or authority at home so she brings what little power she has to the place where she can which is the classroom.

Mrs. White did not get away with this. Once the school superintendent named Nickalous Manning heard about this, he immediately made a move to conduct an internal investigation. Altovise Boyd who is the regional director of the charter school stated that there is no such policy at their school that restricts students an access to a bathroom or a visit to the nurse’s clinic.

The parents are still waiting for answers but there is no stopping for the social media to make their own opinions. Everybody is hoping that this would be sorted out as soon as possible.


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