Teacher Tells Parents Son Keeps Acting Out, So Dad Shows Up To Class For Embarrassing Punishment

Teacher Tells Parents Son Keeps Acting Out, So Dad Shows Up To Class For Embarrassing Punishment


As far as discipline goes, this is one that is sure to get the job done.

In all fairness, Brad Howard did warn his son sternly.

However, it seems like a stern warning wasn’t enough to keep his keep in line, so his son would have to live with being embarrassed by his father in front of everyone at school.

It is the prayer of every teenager to never be embarrassed by their parents. Sadly, for this young man, this was one embarrassment that was inevitable.
The father and pastor from Texas was fed up with seeing a barrage of Emails and messages from his son’s Physics teacher complaining about the fact that his son was of the habit of talking to much in class.

So he decided to issue his son- whose name is also Bradley- a proper warning.

He said to BuzzFeed, “For some reason, I called him and told him, ‘Hey, if I get one more call or message from your teacher, I’ll make sure to show up to your school and sit right beside you in his class’. That was it”.

The 17 year old probably thought that his dad was merely bluffing, and he kept being the chatterbox that people knew he was. However, unbeknownst to the young man, his father was in no mood to bluff. Brad got another Email from his son’s teacher, and that was the last straw. Even though he wasn’t in the mood to spend an entire day at a high school, he knew he needed to be taken serious, so he kept his word.

Brad said, “I remember that my wife woke me up and said, ‘Brad, it’s time for you to get up and go to school’. I just thought to myself, ‘Oh God, what have I done?’”
When they saw is dad show up in class, Bradley’s friends thought it was just a laugh rot. However, Bradley did not share their opinion. Bradley’s sister, Molli, was also of the opinion that the entire scenario was a hilarious one. She took a picture of her dad sitting next to her brother in class and put it up on her Twitter page.
Brad tweeted back, “Hey, I’m just making good on a promise I made”

Before long, the photo went viral. The tweet even caught the attention host Montel Williams, a popular talk show host. Williams responded to the tweet with, “This is really amazing!!! Fromm one dad to another, well done sir!”

Although there were a lot of people on social media who told Bradley that his dad was an awesome and loving person, the Howards are still trying to ensure that they were able to get their message across to their son.

Bradley’s mother, Denise Howard, said, “The Howard men are actually quite popular. We have had an awesome time with all of this but more than all the laughs, we just hope that we don’t get any more calls or Emails that Bradley is talking too much and interrupting the Physics class anymore.

It is such a relief to see parents who are capable of instilling discipline their children in a kind way and even with a little hint of a sense of humor. The local news also interviewed the father and son, and everything seems to be alright now.


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