Teacher Senses Something Is Wrong At Home With Her Student And Takes Action

Teacher Senses Something Is Wrong At Home With Her Student And Takes Action


When Mrs. Volk and her family prayed for a miracle, they did not know that it was going to be sent in the form of her son’s teacher, Donna Hoagland. Troy Volk’s mother was suffering from kidney failure and was at a critical stage five. She was constantly in pain, and anyone close to her could not help but get worried about her. One such person was her son, who was affected so deeply he could not pay attention or concentrate in class.

Troy appeared withdrawn and could focus at all. He seemed to be sad most of the time and the child’s joy that he had once possessed during the earlier days seemed to have disappeared. Her fourth-grade teacher noticed this behavior and figured that something was terribly wrong. She did not hesitate. She called him to her office and started questioning him.

Troy did not instantly open up. The teacher had to soothe him until he finally started talking. He told her that his mother was suffering from stage five kidney failure. She had a rare blood type which made it hard for her to get a kidney transplant. The little boy told his teacher that his mother was always in pain and he was worried about losing her.

Donna could not believe it. He was such a small boy carrying such a huge weight. She instantly vowed to help where she could and assured him that all would be okay. She told Troy that his mom would get well even though she had no idea how.

After the talk with the boy, she started figuring out how to help Troy’s mother. Donna had found out that she had the same blood type as Mrs. Volk. She sank in research on kidney transplants, and after a few days, she called the mother and her son for a teacher-parent conference. As any student would, Troy thought that he was in trouble for his recent absent-mindedness. Little did they know that it was going to be one meeting they would both never forget.

After exchanging a few formalities, Donna broke the news. She was going to donate a kidney for Troy’s mother. She explained that she had the same blood type, so it was safe. Mrs. Volk could not believe it. Here was her miracle! The pain was finally going to stop, and she would get back to her healthy life.

The date was set, and the surgery was performed carefully. After a few weeks, both of them healed and were back to their normal lives. Mrs. Volk was healthy again. Troy stopped worrying and went back to being the attentive and radiant student he had once been. He said that his teacher had given them a gift that could not be wrapped in a present. She had given his mother a second chance, and she would never forget it.

Donna Hoagland is one example of the teachers that go the extra mile for their students. They are almost like parents to them as they spend a lot of time with them, learning and understanding them. They know their pupils well and will automatically see it if something is bothering them. Donna knew troy well, and when he started shutting down, she noticed it and set out to help. While not all teachers will donate their kidneys, they do so much more, and it makes them heroes who should be celebrated in a unique way.


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