Teacher Was Looking Inside Student’s Backpack When She Saw Someone Staring Back At Her

Teacher Was Looking Inside Student’s Backpack When She Saw Someone Staring Back At Her


They say that children are angels and we couldn’t agree more. They also say that we don’t deserve dogs and we couldn’t object either. These two are the perfect combination to melt everyone’s hearts, and one such combo did so easily at Jefferson Elementary School. The teacher at the second grade Bobbi Nabors and her students were having what seemed to be quite an ordinary day when something not-so-ordinary happened. It left everyone there awed and at the end of the day when Nabors posted it on Facebook, it amazed parents. It was hard to believe how much love a child could contain.

As per routine, Nabors was checking her pupils’ bags for anything illegal they might have brought to school. When she approached one little girl’s bag, she noticed something weird. There was movement inside the backpack. She panicked immediately. When she opened it, a pair of cute wide and sparkly eyes met her. She smiled and knew that there was nothing to fear. The teacher then lifted a tiny energetic little pup from the bag and held him for the whole class to see. What a darling little girl!

Schools have one way of dealing with rule breakers; punishing them. The girl has definitely broken a rule by bringing the adorable puppy to school, and she knew it. She sat quietly in her seat, feeling sorry that the puppy had been let out of the bag and waiting to be confronted by the teacher. Instead, Nabors smiled at her and pet the eager pup who just wanted to jump out of her hands and play. It had been a rough time in the bag and all the cute doggo wanted to do was to play.

Nabors then passed the pup around for the whole class to pet. The girl couldn’t believe that her classmates were being given a chance to pet her puppy. She loved the pup so much that she could not leave him home and now her class would say hi to him!

Afterward, her teacher called her mother so that she could take the little pup home. She was not punished. When asked about it she said that she did not know that the pup was in her bag. Her mother must have put him there! It was an exciting day for the whole class, and it was immediately decided that he would be on the poster for the school’s spring book fair, named Paws for a Good Book!

Children are the epitome of human innocence and go to great measures to prove it. They have the purest form of love anyone can ever find, and it is just amazing. In a video posted a few years ago, one little boy loved his baby sister so much that he held him whenever they were in the hospital and sang her to sleep when she cried. Another boy loves his cat so much he made a bed for him with a duvet, a pillow, and a cat toy. They should be kept safe at all costs and better still, we should learn from them. It is their kind of love that we need to make the world a better place, and to live peacefully with each other.


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