Tapes Resurface 21 Years After Princess Diana’s Death To Reveal Truth About Prince Charles

Tapes Resurface 21 Years After Princess Diana’s Death To Reveal Truth About Prince Charles


Diana, the Princess of Wales was married to Prince Charles of Wales. She was one off the most beloved princesses ever, and she died tragically in a car accident while she was in France in 2007.

Princess Diana was known as the People’s Princess due to her generous persona and the fact that she was involved in numerous charity efforts. She was loved all over the world, and this is exactly why the 20th anniversary of her death will be honored by the media later this year. ABC and HBO, two prominent channels, are releasing documentaries to honor her, and there are also a slew of books scheduled to be released later this year about her. There is a picture book known as Remembering Diana, which will be written by Tina Brown, as well as Imagining Diana by Diane Clehane (a book which speculates that contrary to global belief, Dianna is alive).

However, the most anticipated of all these features is Diana: The people’s Princess by Andrew Morton. Morton published his first book, Diana: Her True Story, in 1992 and in this book, there were a lot of scandalous details about her which were especially valuable as this was a time when no one had an inkling as to the fact that her marriage to the Prince was going through a rough patch. The book provides details about Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana’s eating disorders. He was prevented from disclosing the affair due to the libel law present in the country, so he instead chose the term “secret friendship”.

The book received a wave of negative reviews for this, and one Member of Parliament went as far as advocating for his imprisonment in the Tower of London. However, the book got questions floating, and people began to wonder about who the details might have come from. You can imagine the shock on everyone’s face when it was revealed that he got all of this information from Diana herself.

Dianna, a woman who was praised for her valiance, told her side of the whole ordeal and recorded it all right at the Buckingham Palace. Although Morton was able to write his book due to these recordings, he decided not to release them. Now, he has announced that he will be releasing the transcripts and he will also add them in an updated version of the book.

The recordings provide a vivid picture of the infidelity of Prince Charles, which- as it turns out- actually began before he and Princes Diana tied the knot. In one of the recordings, Diana revealed that she once got into an argument with him after she found a bracelet that wasn’t for her. She said that Charles hardly said anything and he wasn’t honest with her.

The infidelity of Charles and his behavior led to Diana uttering four straightforward fords- “I cannot marry him”.

She informed her sisters of what was going on, saying, “I can’t marry him. This is just unbelievable”. However, they were unfortunately unsupportive of her, and they said, “Good luck, Duch. Your face is already printed on thee tea towels, so you can’t chicken out now”.

Eventually, Diana got married to Charles. Their wedding was a huge media bonanza, and thousands of people tuned in to see the Prince and Princess say their vows. However, a lot of people don’t know that she started eating erratically thee same week that Charles proposed. In one of the recorded transcripts, she said that he “held my waistline and said, ‘Oh, aren’t we a little chubby here?’” thanks to that singular statement, she spiraled down a dangerous path filled with depression and bulimia.

Diana didn’t sound so dire in every tape though. She remembers the kind of joy that she got when she became a mother. She said, “William was a godsend. He was born in October. In those days, I would say that my greatest joy and pleasure was the fact that I was lucky enough to have my own child on the way”.

This book, as well as the transcripts, provides an exposition into the life of The People’s Princess; a life wrought with eating disorders, depression and sadness.


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