Study Says A Dogs’ Heart Rate Increases When You Tell Them “I Love You”

Study Says A Dogs’ Heart Rate Increases When You Tell Them “I Love You”


When your heart rate increases, that can mean a lot of things. Either you are excited, extremely happy, or you can also be angry or scared. For dogs, that might also mean the same.

Dogs are called “Mans’ Bestfriend” for a reason. Most dogs can understand their humans’ feelings. They can feel if their owners are happy, excited, or sad. In fact, according to recent studies, the dogs’ heart rate can beat so fast when you tell your pooch “I Love You.”

According to the recent studies conducted by the Canine Cottages, they had four different pups with special heart rate tracking collars attached to them. The goal of this research is to find out whether the dogs can really understand if you say “I Love You” to them.

With the tracking data from these dogs taken over a period of seven days, they all averaged at 67 beats per minute. And when the owners tell them “I Love You,” the dogs’ heart rates increased to 98 beats per minute!

Other than that, the research has also proven that cuddling can slowly calm your dogs’ heart rate. Well, it seems like you are not the only one enjoying your cuddling time with your pooch. They love every minute of it too. That means you both share this stress releasing activity. The results found that the dogs’ heart rate will drop by 23% on average once they are being cuddled by their owners.

Also, the study confirms that there are different ways that a dog can express their love for you. One of them is when your pooch curls up next to you, at your feet, or when they want to sit on your lap. Dogs will only do this when they are comfortable with their owners. Another way is when they bring you their favorite toys. This only shows that they trust you with their favorite things and they want you to play with them. If they show you their belly or when they sleep on their back with their chest exposed, this shows that they are relaxed. But this can also show that they are in a vulnerable position.

The last evidence might not be something that you would be happy to hear, but when they destroy something that you own when they are left alone at home and when they miss you, that is a sign of love. You might think that they were just goofing around or trying to be naughty, but in reality, they just miss you that much. Research says that chewing can release endorphins and this can help your dog relax. So if you come home with badly chewed shoes or when the feet of your sofa does not look as it used to when you left home that morning, don’t be angry because as difficult as it is to believe and understand, that is a sign of love.

So if you want to know how much your dog loves you, then you might want to give this a try. Get your dogs’ attention and tell him you love him and notice his reaction. Well, you might not be able to notice the change in his heartbeat if you do not have a tracker, but know that they get excited when you do that. So shower your pooch some love today!


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