Stranger Sees Man Trying To Drown Infants And Rushes In To Save Them

Stranger Sees Man Trying To Drown Infants And Rushes In To Save Them


There are people who do not really care when they see a situation where their help is needed. Not this man. He is witnessing a possible crime so he decided that he needed to step in to help.

Cash Freeman was just relaxing at his home in Ada, Oklahoma. It was a regular day for him and he just got home for lunch. This is when he heard a frantic knock on his front door. When he opened it, he was surprised to see a 12-year-old girl, frantically asking him for help.

The girl explained that a man came into their home, pushed her aunt into the bathroom with a knife and hurt her babies!

So Cash grabbed his gun and followed the young girl to their house. When they went inside, he found a raging angry man, Leland Foster. He was pointing a knife at his estranged wife, Michelle Sorrells. The woman was crying and was frantic because Foster was trying to drown their 3-month-old twins in the bathtub.

Cash saw the damage that Foster brought and he knew that everyone will be in danger if he left. So he stopped Foster. He fired and fatally injured him. This gave Cash the chance to grab the drowning babies from the bathtub.

According to the IB Times report, the police were called around 1:30 PM. The moment they arrived, Freeman handed over the twins so they can take them to the hospital. They did not waste any time. They rushed the babies to a hospital at Oklahoma City. Thankfully, they were not harmed. Sorrells was shaken from what she and her kids experienced but she was also physically safe and uninjured.

Everyone commended Cash for what he did. However, did he draw a line from this heroic act?

He definitely saved the victims, but the police, as well as the Pontotoc County District Attorney, still had to investigate whether Cash’s actions were justifiable. The issue went public and even reached the internet. Netizens from all over the world shared their concern about Cash’s situation. One of them wrote that there should be no charges against Cash Freeman.

Another netizen named Angel Tatum wrote, “In my eyes, Cash Freeman is a hero! Kudos to him for exercising his Second Amendment right to bear arms and saving these babies lives! If for some dumb reason the prosecution decided to pursue charges I will gladly volunteer my time to serve on the jury without jury duty pay!!”

In an interview with the Oklahoma News 4, Summer Pierce, a former neighbor of Foster expressed that Cash did the right thing that day. Those babies might not have made it if Freeman did not intervene and saved them from Foster.

During his interview with News Channel 4, Cash explained that he did what he had to do to stop Freeman. He also added that even though what he thought he did was right, that he would get in trouble for it.

It was an unfortunate event for Foster, but his loss was necessary during the said situation. Under the Oklahoma law, it says that what Cash did was “justifiable homicide.” This means that there were no cases filed against Cash Freeman.

Everyone is glad that not only Michelle Sorrells and her children are safe from harm, but also because their hero, Cash Freeman will not be charged with any criminal act. He is definitely a hero.


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