The Story Behind Princess Diana Comforting A Stranger In A Cemetery

The Story Behind Princess Diana Comforting A Stranger In A Cemetery


It has been over two decades since Princess Diana passed away. Still, millions of people continue to miss the People’s Princess. She was not only smart and beautiful, but she was also known for her elegance and a loving heart. Princess Diana was loved also because of the love and compassion that she showed to the public.

Diana had traveled all across the globe to extend her humanitarian causes. One time, people witnessed how she shared a very emotional moment with a mother who was grieving at her son’s grave.

Just a couple of weeks before she passed away, the princess was in Bosnia. She was on a trip meant to further her crusade to stop illegal landmines. With her was Ken Rutherford and Jerry White. They were the ones who witnessed this amazing moment unfold and shared it in HBOs 2017 documentary called, “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy.”

Before the show premiered, these two have shared their personal stories about Princess Diana and how it reflected her compassionate spirit.

According to White, he will never forget the unplanned detour that they took on August 10, 1997. The princess stopped at the Sarajevo War Cemetery. White shared, “The image of her in a cemetery in Sarajevo, on the last day of our three-day trip [still haunts me]… It wasn’t planned. It was never on the itinerary. But Diana told me three times, ‘I can’t get this picture of me in a cemetery out of my mind.’”

White added, “She asked me if there was a cemetery nearby, as it was something we should visit. ‘Jerry, I have this feeling, this image of me in a cemetery, it’s strange.’ We were running late for a final reception, and there was no room for this detour, but Princess Diana seemed adamant, mysteriously.”

They drove out of the way and headed to the former Olympic stadium which became the massive graveyard for those who lost their lives during the war. This is when she met a Bosnian mother who was tending to her son’s grave. The princess didn’t know how to speak Bosnian and this mother didn’t know how to speak English. But the way these two women embraced and shared this emotional moment was more than words can describe. An intimate moment between mother-to-mother.

“Diana listened more than she spoke. It was intense to watch her absorb human pain. She was hyper-intuitive and fully appropriate in the face of people’s suffering. She asked questions and gave her full attention, focusing her big eyes like a laser on the tragic story in front of her. Whenever I asked her how she might want to handle a particular visit, she’d say, ‘We’ll make it work. It’s all about the people.’ Diana repeated how it was simply important ‘to care enough to show up’ and be present.”

Princess Diana was called “The People’s Princess” for all the good reasons. She was never like any royal that the world has ever seen. She did look like a princess, waved and acted like one, but she used her fame and platform to elevate causes that are close to her heart. She did all this by making sure that she connected and bonded with the people around her.


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