Store Caught Doing Something Very Strange To Trick Customers Into Thinking Their Old Fish Was Fresh

Store Caught Doing Something Very Strange To Trick Customers Into Thinking Their Old Fish Was Fresh


Something’s literally fishy in one of the stores in Kuwait! This fish store was reportedly closed after the owners were caught sticking googly eyes on the fish that they sell in order to make them look fresh. The images of the fish were uploaded on Twitter and this surely caught the attention of the users from all over the world. Nobody thought that anyone is brave enough to do something like that!

Al Bayan newspaper uploaded these horrendous pictures and video on Twitter on Saturday showing how a woman is peeling the eyes off the fish and revealing the less appealing reality that the store owners are trying to hide. This left users appalled by what they are seeing. The owner is surely creative in trying to fool their customers. Many people have posted their comments online and one even said that he thought he’d seen it all but Twitter proves him wrong. Another user commented saying, “Never judge the freshness of fish by the googliness of their eyes.”

This googly eye trick most definitely failed to fool anyone. Instead, the fishy plan became viral on social media, with users turning it into a meme. This incident took the public’s notice and everyone now is learning again the basics of how to tell if the fish is fresh or not. There are different ways on how to determine the freshness of a whole fish, a filleted fish, and also a live fish:

Whole Fish.
When buying a whole fish, look for the bright, clear eyes. Take note! Make sure that they are not googly eyes. The eyes fade quickly into gray and it will look dull. When this is what you see, the fish may still be safe to eat, but they are already past their prime. The fish should also shine and it should smell of clean water. You also have to look at the gills and they should be a rich red.

Fish Fillet.
Buying fish fillets can be a challenge. If the fish has skin, it should look shiny and metallic, just like on the whole fish. The smell is also important. It should not have any pungent aromas. If the meat has liquid, it should be clear and not milky. The milky liquid is the sign of the first stage of rotting. If the seller would let you press the meat, your indentations should disappear quickly.

Live Fish.
When the fish is live, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe to eat and it’s healthy. When choosing in a tank, take note for the signs of life. Is the fish swimming happily and scampering around the tank, then it’s fresh. If it’s sulking in the corner or it’s hanging motionless and panting, don’t buy it!

When you are buying in a fish market, one of the things that you should notice is that the shop should not stink. If the market reeks and smells like something died in there, turn around and look for another shop. If it smells, the entire shop might be brimming with bacteria and you don’t want to have that in the fish that you will bring home and cook for your family. The fish may not smell that pleasant, but they should never smell like low tide!


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