Stop Draining Your Pasta In The Sink

Stop Draining Your Pasta In The Sink


When it comes to doing things in your kitchen, for sure you are repeating the same practices that you also learned when you are younger. But you know that through the years, the internet has opened our eyes to the things that we are probably doing wrong.

Pasta dishes is one of the ‘go-to’ meals that we prepare for the family. It is easy and everyone loves it. You will also have a lot of recipes to choose from so your family will not get bored of what you prepare for them. Pasta recipes are very easy to prepare. Even first-time cooks can do them. All you need is cook the pasta, drain them, prepare the sauce, mix it all and you’re good to go.

Everyone will agree that each home has a colander for draining the pasta somewhere in their kitchen shelf. This makes pasta draining so much easier. All you need is to pour the pasta into the colander and let the water drain down the sink. This is how we all drain our pasta, right?

If you have been doing this too, you have to stop this practice!

Letting the pasta water drain down the sink is a huge mistake. This cloudy pasta water ends up down the drain when in fact, we can still use it. This is usually called the “liquid gold.” What you can do with this pasta water is to pour it over the noodles to elevate the sauce.

When you are boiling and cooking your pasta, the starch from the noodles is released into the water. This is why it has a cloudy appearance. Some people think that you should not be using it for anything else, that it is dirty water. But they are all wrong.

When preparing pasta dishes, what makes it more special is your sauce. Having a smooth and silky sauce with the right consistency is what makes this meal a favorite of many people. To achieve this, you can use your pasta water for the emulsification.

Emulsification is very important because it can make a difference in how your pasta sauce tastes and how it reacts. This process can help hold the oil and the water together to avoid a puddle under your sauce. All of the delicious tastes are help together through emulsification. As a result, your pasta dish will taste better!

When you add a ladle of pasta water into your sauce, it does more than combining the water and oil. It can help thicken the sauce so there’s no more need for you to add a sauce thickener like cornstarch, flour, or cream. With the simple pasta water, you can uplift your sauce without affecting the taste.

To those who have been cooking pasta, this might be a new concept to learn. But you have to know that professional chefs have been using this technique for years to make their delicious pasta dishes.

Will it make a difference?

Serious Eats experimented with this and they discovered that adding pasta water into the sauce can make a difference. So the next time you prepare a pasta dish, do not waste that pasta water. Save some of that to help emulsify your sauce!


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