When You Spot Someone With This Ear Piercing, Here’s What It Means

When You Spot Someone With This Ear Piercing, Here’s What It Means


Tattoos and piercing that we have on our bodies mostly have a very important meaning to us. From your first tattoo up to your last ink, each of this has a reason why you made them permanent on your skin. This is also similar to piercings. However, there are instances when piercings are not about how good would you look with them. One particular ear piercing has helped millions of people all around the world manage their pain.

Migraines headaches can ruin our day, literally. When this pain starts, do something about it before it leaves you useless all day long. When this happens, you retreat to your noise and light free room, isolate yourself from the chaos around you or else your head might feel like it’s seconds away from exploding! No matter what you are doing or who you are with when a migraine headache strikes, you are becoming a slave to this pain.

According to statistics, about 37 million in the United States alone are suffering from migraine headaches. Imagine having a regular headache and multiply the pain by ten times. This is how you would feel when you have migraine headaches. Many are taking medications to deal with pain but not all of us knew that there is a holistic method that you can try, but it has something to do with ear piercing.

Daith Piercing is one of the most popular piercings that you can do on your body. This is by far the most fashionable way to deal with pain. This is very common and this is the type of ear piercing that goes on the inner cartilage fold of your ear. This is very fashionable and trendy and just a few people know that this is very effective for individuals who are suffering from migraine headaches regularly.

Daith Piercing Is Like An Acupuncture

This piecing works similarly to your body as acupuncture would. This piercing hits a specific pressure point near your ear that can help alleviate pain. Like acupuncture, this will stimulate your sensory nerves that can be found under your skin and in the muscles of the body. Natural substances will then be produced by the body and one of these is the pain-relieving endorphins.

Nobody knew when exactly Daith Piercing became very popular for relieving migraine pain. More and more people are sharing their testimonials about how effective Daith Piercing is on social media. One of those Daith Piercing enthusiasts who shared her opinion about this piercing is Nicole Bandes. She posted her experience on Facebook and said, “I’ve seen a reduction in frequency and intensity of my migraines where nothing else seemed to help. My husband noticed it before I did. Maybe I just wasn’t willing to admit that it was working. Since getting it, I think I’ve had less than five migraines.”

Daith Piercing might not work for everyone but it is definitely worth giving try. Others think that this is just a way to encourage others to try the piercing. The theories about the Daith Piercing might not be true but when you have tried everything and nothing seems to work except for heavy pain reliever medications which can have negative effects on your health in the long run, give this very small piercing a try.


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