Sperm Whale “Ask” Diver For Help With A Hook Stuck In Its Mouth

Sperm Whale “Ask” Diver For Help With A Hook Stuck In Its Mouth


Sperm Whale “Ask” Diver For Help With A Hook Stuck In Its Mouth

Divers get first-hand interaction experience with sea creatures. That is why they love spending time underwater because they get to witness something amazing. However, not all divers get to be face to face with huge sea animals like Sperm Whales. And for this instance, this diver gets to help the whale after it ‘asked’ for help.

According to scientists, Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus) are the species of whale that has the biggest brain. That is why they are more intelligent compared to other sea animals. Yes, they are huge creatures, but they are gentle and seldom attack humans. They are usually harmless to divers. That’s why this man didn’t panic or feel scared when this sperm whale approached him.

Hugues Vitry is a world-famous Maurician environmentalist and underwater photographer. He is also the Diving Centre Manager and Vice President of the Marine Megafauna Conservation Organization. That is why it is obvious why he loves the water and all the animals down there.

In a video that has now gone viral, the whale approached Vitry. It looked like a scary interaction looking at the size of this whale compared to the diver.

As it turned out, the whale was actually asking Vitry for help. A hood is stuck in its mouth. Vitry obliged and with a little effort, he was able to remove a small fish hook that got stuck in the whale’s lower jaw.

The whale could be seen in the video swimming near Vitry. Before opening its jaw, it delicately moves its enormous body sideways to show Vitry that it needs help. One small hook was visible to the diver, and it was obvious that it was causing the whale distress.

Vitry directs his camera at the whale as he narrates what is happening. Vitry stated he observed blood while trying to help the whale. He claims he was able to remove the hook even though it was lodged in the whale’s jaw. Throughout the ordeal, the gentle giant maintained its composure. It’s likely that she was aware that this human was helping her, which explains her want to cooperate.

“For those interested, the guy (an overseas French, I’d say Reunionnais but he could from another island) talks about how strange it was to see this sperm whale come to them with its open mouth yet unagressively, how he saw that its mouth was bleeding, and how after the hook was removed he took a little time to try to make the whale understand it was over, hugged it, and how the sperm whale stood by for a while after that, showing signs that could be interpreted as gratitude.”

Vitry had gone as far as patting her neck and whispering soothing words into her ear. Vitry is probably hailed a hero by these sea animals. In fact, this is not the first time that he saved a sea creature. He also once freed a whale that got entangled in ropes. It seems like helping and saving these animals is something that gives him the satisfaction of being able to do.

Vitry goes to great lengths to help and protect the ocean’s wildlife. He is convinced that even a single person can make a significant difference. With all the knowledge and skill he has, he did an excellent job again this time.


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