As Soon As Video Of What School Bus Driver Did Went Viral, Police Hunted Him Down To Arrest Him

As Soon As Video Of What School Bus Driver Did Went Viral, Police Hunted Him Down To Arrest Him


In today’s society, there are many controversies and ideas put up for debate, but one thing that we all agree on is that all children must be protected from anything that threatens their lives. They are the most vulnerable members of the society, and we must do all we can to make sure that their lives are never in avoidable danger, one fifty-seven-year-old school bus driver from Texas, however, dope not seem to agree with this notion.

In a terrifying series of events witnessed in Williamson County, the man almost drowned himself and a twelve-year-old boy as he drove him to Stiles Middle School. You may think that it was an accident, but the man seemed to do it deliberately. The dashboard camera shows how the events unfolded till they reached a point of needing rescue, and one can’t help but wonder where the man’s mind was at. The man is now out of a job and in a cell, awaiting trial for endangering the child as well as ignoring a vital road sign.

The dashcam footage shows the bus being driven by Nathan DeYoung along a wet road. It looks like a stormy day, and anyone who knows better would slow down and take precautions to stay safe in that ugly weather. DeYoung does not seem to be giving much thought to the rain, however, and rides along like it was any other regular day.

The video then shows the bus approaching what looks like a warning about flooding. DeYoung does not even slow down. He drives on, completely ignoring it. Shortly afterward, steady flow of obviously high water appears ahead, and to everyone’s disbelief, DeYoung drives straight into it.

The horrifying footage then shows the bus drive through the water for the first few seconds before losing direction. It seems that the water is getting deeper and deeper, and soon, the bus starts floating away. It sways uncontrollably, and it even reaches a point where the headlights are completely submerged. It looks like certain death for the driver and the boy; the water could have easily flown into the bus which would have made it heavier then drowned the two.

Luckily, they were rescued just in time. The driver was duly fired then arrested shortly after. We don’t know what he had to say for himself. Maybe he did not see the sign, but he still should not have taken his chances with someone’s kid at the back of the bus. He could have stopped when he arrived at the high water, but he kept going. It is all on camera, and he will probably have a tough time trying to defend himself.

The boy’s mother is particularly angry about it. She explains that her son called her shortly before eight thirty in what sounded like panic and hysteria. He was afraid that he was going to die.

We should not do things that endanger our lives and those of others. If you do, you will have much to answer for more so if you were endangering a child. Everyone should always consider the consequences of their actions before doing anything rash.


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