As Soon As Mom Posted This Video To Facebook She Started To Get Death Threats

As Soon As Mom Posted This Video To Facebook She Started To Get Death Threats


Much as we try, we can never fully understand why some people do things, especially those that are criminal and endangering to others. They will always have a reason that they will expect everyone to believe and go by. Take for instance the case of a mother from Leesburg who was recorded pushing her three-year-old son’s head into a toilet. The clip caused an uproar online, and she has even received death threats from people who feel that she is over the line with the child.

According to the woman’s statement, the video was not supposed to be posted on social media. She sent it to a friend who forwarded it to someone else who posted it on Facebook. The video has now gone viral with thousands of angry people all over the world expressing their opinion without much consideration. The mother has surrendered the video to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Leesburg Police Department who are still carrying out their investigation to determine whether the woman should be taken in for child abuse.

During an interview, the woman claims that it was all a big joke that has been misunderstood. Apparently, she was just playing with her son, and he was having a good time. She even claims that after that he wanted to ‘do it again.’ The woman has defended herself, arguing that she does love her children despite what people think. The problem is, people are finding it hard to believe her. This is especially because the child can be heard screaming in terror, almost as if crying out for help. His hair can be seen floating on the toilet water.

In the video, the mom holds her son’s hands behind his back as he faces forward. She then clutches his legs between her thighs so that he is completely unable to move. She goes ahead and inserts his head in a toilet bowl. To everyone’s disbelief, the mother flushes the toilet, and the poor child can be heard crying out loud and struggling in his mother’s firm grip. The mother in question is not laughing or asking if he is okay. She is quiet, almost looking determined. Who is going to believe that this was just a joke?

The irony of the situation is that she is a nurse. One would expect her to know how unhygienic the whole condition is. This concern was aired by one user, who also wondered what could have happened if the child had slid off and fallen into the bowl headfirst.

There was no love lost on people that saw the video. There was incredible anger that was represented in the comments. Some people insulted her and mom-shamed her without the slightest care about whether she is actually telling the truth or not. Others issued death threats to her, saying that she should be buried alive, run over, shot or generally killed. The police had to spend the night at her front porch after an angry unknown person showed up at her home. This may have been her fault since she revealed her address. Whether it was a game or not, the woman needs to be given a good talk about how to raise her children without putting them in such danger.


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