Solider Puzzled Why Boys Are Staring At Him, Has No Idea Stranger is Filming What He Does In Response

Solider Puzzled Why Boys Are Staring At Him, Has No Idea Stranger is Filming What He Does In Response


There are a number of gestures, big or small that make a difference in your life and that if your immediate community. This can be something small, like donating mowing lawns for the elderly or donating time or food at your local food bank. No matter the case, you can make out some small amount of time and choose those members of your community you would like to touch with your gesture.

This is exactly what Lieutenant Colonel Robert Risdon did. He was having dinner one day at a fast food chain when he found an opportunity to help two young boys out. Asides being a dedicated patriot who has devoted his life to serving his country in the military, this soldier also had a penchant for helping others and that was exactly what he did while having a meal at a Taco Bells restaurant. This brave soldier is indeed an inspiration to many for his kind act. Even though he didn’t have to interrupt his meal to help total strangers, he did just that,

He had noticed two young boys, looking fatigued. The boys who were aged 11 and 13 were reportedly in damp clothing. The concerned soldiers decided to try and investigate the situation. He discovered that the boys were in the restaurant trying to sell baked goods as part of a fundraiser for their church and they were in the restaurant because they felt they will be able to reach more people that way than just staying back at their church.

On further enquires, LTC Risdon discovered that the boy was yet to have dinner that evening. Unknown to the officer, one of the customers at the diner noticed him conversing with the buoys and decided to start filming. What he captured on camera is just absolutely beautiful.

The officer enquired form the boys what they would like to eat for dinner. He pointed to the menu and tried to encourage the shy boys to make a decision. One of the boys even modestly tried to say he doesn’t need a drink, but the officer insisted and you can hear him asking “Are you sure you don’t want a drink? You want a drink.” And the woman behind the counter hands them two cups. One of the boys turned around and faced the camera and you can clearly see that he is overjoyed.

Jason Gibson, the diner who shared the video also wrote in the video description that after he had stopped filming, the younger boy told the soldier that he wants to be like him when he grows up. what a positive influence this brave soldier has been. Having someone who shows kindness, empathy, and love like this as your role model will sure make any boy grow into a responsible and overall helpful member of the community that will be willing to help out others even without them asking for. This Soldier’s act of kindness couldn’t have come at a better time in these kid’s life, they will really remember that encounter for a long time to come.

Many people who have seen the short video of the soldier’s interaction with the young boys also feel the same way with many of them expressing their respect and appreciation to this lovely man. Watch the video below to see their full interaction.


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