Soldiers Begin Singing Rendition Of Popular Song But The Internet Loses It Over Their Dance Moves

Soldiers Begin Singing Rendition Of Popular Song But The Internet Loses It Over Their Dance Moves


When you are living in a cozy home with all the freedom you want, it can be hard to imagine the difficulties that our soldiers face out there in the field of battle. These fearless men and women dedicate their lives to serving their country, ready to die at any moment in the war. They don’t get to enjoy life’s luxuries and pleasures, all they know well is how to fire guns and rifles, and also how to stay alive. With their families thousands of miles away, all these heroes have is each other to keep company and make the best of the time they have together.

US Army soldiers in Afghanistan face all these and much more; they have to survive in the harsh sun with very little water and searing temperatures. The country is an endless sea of sand, and somehow, they have to make use of it to provide the best defense they can. Nevertheless, the brothers are keen to stick together, sharing in the fun and enduring their pain together. They have never been known to complain, but even though they have a sworn duty, they also have a humorous side.

When the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders released their version of Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe, they did not expect these soldiers to be their number one fans. The men made their own cover, following every single move the cheerleaders made. The video went viral shortly after it was posted with the world finding the whole thing hilarious. It was shared severally and is still making rounds on the internet. It showed their fun-loving side as well as their perseverance in a bid to put up the best defense for their country even in the most hostile conditions.

Just like in the cheerleaders’ video, theirs begin with a view of someone walking in military boots, unlike the fancy white ones the cheerleader had on. It focuses on a soldier’s lips as he begins singing the first verse of the song. Next is a hilarious scene where the soldiers are leaning back on made-up sunbeds in place of the fancy ones by the cheerleaders’ poolside. Four men try their best to act like girls, and one can swear that they have never seen clumsier girls. They even try to flip their non-existent hair!

What follows is a hilarious series of antics as the men try their best to follow in the cheerleaders’ steps. Instead of popping up from a pool of balloons, they emerge from a pit of sand and keep singing without stopping even for a second to rub their eyes. There is also a lot of kiss blowing, hair flipping, pouting and what should have been sexy dancing. The footage is generally rib-cracking, and it is hard to watch quarter-way without bursting into rib-cracking laughter.

These music covers are just some of the ways that the men in the army use to stay positive in their jobs which are filled with pain (literal pain), sadness and difficulty. They deserve to be respected and honored by everyone because of the sacrifices they make to keep their country safe. We can only pray for them and do our best to reassure them that our love and respect goes out to them every single day.


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