A Soldier Takes Leave To Meet His Newborn Daughter, Only To Walk Into Hospital Room And Freeze

A Soldier Takes Leave To Meet His Newborn Daughter, Only To Walk Into Hospital Room And Freeze


Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting events especially for first-time parents. The nine months of pregnancy can be a challenge and it is getting scarier when the baby is ready to come out. But everything will be better as long as you have your husband and your loved ones around you. However, unlike every other couple, some daddies-to-be are miles across away from their wives and would not be able to physically be there to support them because of work.


Chelsea Osborne – The Brave Military Wife


Chelsea Osborne, the military wife of First Lieutenant Jake Osborne, knew what she had to go through. She was already used to her husband missing some of the most important events of their lives. Like other wives, all she wanted was for him to be safe, healthy, and to be able to come home soon. A month before Jake’s deployment, they found out that Chelsea is pregnant.


The couple knew that it was going to be hard and Jake is expected to be gone for months. Jake was assigned to Afghanistan and this means that vacations may not be as often as they would want it to be. Because of limited communication, Jake just imagined the journey that his wife might be going through without him. Pregnancy is not an easy experience for most women.

As the expected month came nearer, it became all clear that Jake will not be able to come home to witness the birth of their baby. But because of his duty to his country, Jake and Chelsea just accepted their situation. But he knew that Chelsea will not be alone on this journey. His sister and Chelsea’s family are there to support her. Delivery date came and without Jake, Chelsea put on her brave face and went to labor with Jake’s sister and her family.


Lieutenant Jake Osborne Goes On Leave To Meet Her Daughter


Jake knew that his wife will go into labor real soon. To his surprise, his commander told him to pack his bags and go on leave. “It ended up being perfect timing,” Jake said. His commander was able to take care of his flight and in just 2 days, he will be back home. He was just sitting at a restaurant waiting for his flight when he got the news that Chelsea is on labor.

Luckily, his sister was in the delivery room with Chelsea and was telling him exactly what’s going on. That would have felt like he was just right there with her. Both Chelsea and the baby are healthy which is a good news for him. The moment he arrived, he walked in where Chelsea and her daughter are and he froze.


This heartwarming moment was captured on video. Jake was just standing by the door speechless while looking at Chelsea and their daughter in her arms. “It was unreal, unlike anything. She’ll break you down, she will bring a grown man to his knees,” Jake shared. He said that it feels fantastic and he’s thankful that everybody was very helpful.

Jake’s short vacation may just be for a couple of days, but he said that it’s enough. He will be away again after a couple of months just to finish it up. Seeing his wife and daughter was everything that he ever hoped for since his deployment. The Osborne family’s story is very inspiring, and many couples would be able to relate. Their love and support for each other have made them strong despite their distance from each other.


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