Smallest Preemie Baby Ever Born Defies All The Odds. Wait Until You See Her Today (video)

Smallest Preemie Baby Ever Born Defies All The Odds. Wait Until You See Her Today (video)


Every expectant mother always wishes the best for her baby.

She wants perfect health and beautiful life for her child, but it is not all the time that their expectation comes to be. Not all the moments are usually purely happy for all the mothers and some end up being the saddest for some mothers. However, the survival of the baby depends on the mother’s faith in God and her determination to provide the good life she wishes for her baby. Sometimes it is the baby’s will to fight, but at that young age they know nothing about fighting, and it is their mother who struggles for them.

37-year-old Victoria Bradly is one of the mothers whose happiness for her newborn came with a bit of sadness. Hers was a difficult entry into motherhood. Her world went crumbling down when the doctors told her that her newborn could not survive and was not going to get a chance to live.

Anyone who saw the baby would have agreed with the doctors since her baby girl, Francesca, came out more like a fetus than a baby. She was delicate, and all her body parts were tiny and fragile. Her feet were the size of pennies, and her hands were no better; they were the size of a single fingernail. The infant was hardly two pounds.

However, Victoria did not care about what the doctors or anyone else said, and she believed that her baby was going to make it. She was not ready to let go until she had nothing to hold onto anymore. The mother put her faith in God and even after the doctors had given up, continued to believe and was determined to give her daughter a fighting chance. She took Francesca to the best doctors she could and cared for her. She even agreed to an operation on the baby’s eye. She was willing to go to any extent she had to give a chance to her baby.

It seems her efforts were fruitful for after nine months Francesca is still alive and is getting better. The baby was a fighter and wanted to live because despite all the obstacles she has gone through she continues to thrive. Just in a few weeks after her birth, the baby has gone through severe health attacks and procedures more than most people have in a lifetime.

She has suffered from meningitis and several heart diseases. She has also survived two episodes of collapsed lungs and kidney problems. The poor baby has even gone through fifteen blood transfusions and laser eye operation successfully.

Seeing her now, Francesca is getting healthier and is gaining weight by the day. No one ever thought she could even survive that long and thrive that well; not even her mother had expected such improvements.

Victoria’s story is just one of the many instances when a mother does not give up on her baby, and the baby ends up thriving and becoming healthy later. There have been other stories where the doctors announce the baby dead. However, it is always the determination of the mother and her lack of acceptance of the loss of her child that usually saves the situation. The baby’s resilience also does count in most cases.


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