These Sisters Drove By A Basketball Court, Took 1 Look At Teens Playing And Stopped Cold In Their Tracks

These Sisters Drove By A Basketball Court, Took 1 Look At Teens Playing And Stopped Cold In Their Tracks


Most people think nowadays that because of the big change on how kids are raised, they are not as respectful and as sensitive towards others feelings compared to teenagers before their generation. There is a reason why opinions like this rise. But for the teenagers of Franklinton Junior High School, they know they are different.


Sisters Johannah Stroud and Lynn Bickham Bienvenu were in their vehicles during a sad procession that day for their cousin Velma Kay Crowe. This is in their hometown in Louisiana. The procession passed by the basketball court where teenage boys are playing hoops. At that moment, their sadness was lifted for a short moment when they saw how happy and carefree the teens were while playing basketball.

Boys Stop Playing Basketball, Went Down On One Knee To Pay Respect


As soon as the teens became aware of the procession, the sisters did not expect what they would see next. The boys did something that surely touched the hearts of Johannah and Lynn at that sad moment in their lives. The boys stopped playing and went down on one knee, not to protest, but to pay respect as the procession passed by them.


They all faced the vehicles in the procession and stayed in that position. As Johanna and Lynn realized what these young men have done, they can’t help but snap pictures of them. They grabbed their phones and took photos. Lynn decided that she needs to share the picture so the world can see how touched they were for what the boys did. Not an adult in sight at that moment, yet they know how to show respect and be kind to other people.

When Johanna was interviewed by WAFB-TV, she shared how it meant a great deal to their family. That simple gesture from teenagers whom they don’t even know was really heartwarming especially at that difficult time that they were facing. Ever since the photo was shared on Facebook, it had gone viral. The teenagers did not only impress the sisters, but also those who have seen their picture online. The photo received positive comments and over 10,000 likes and shares.


When these teenagers learned that a picture was taken of them that day, they reached out to the bereaved family and expressed their condolences. Johannah shared that according to the boys, their basketball coach taught them the importance of showing respect and taking a knee out of respect for others during a procession. Despite the love and attention that these boys received from social media, they did not let it go to their heads. They remained humble and kind.

The Language Of Respect


Respect will always be a two-way street. And for teenagers, teaching them the importance of respect is always important. The reason why the photo of these young men of Franklinton Junior High School became viral is that, the world is hungry for good and encouraging things. When they see a person doing a good deed, they share this on social media.


In today’s generation, this is how millennials educate each other. Every adult should be like the basketball coach of these teenagers. By being a good example, you are teaching them how to be a good person on your own simple yet effective way. These teenagers prove that the world is not all bad. There are still people who know the importance of respect and know how to be kind to others.


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