Sister Sings Elvis Classic But When Her Brother Joins, It Transforms Into Chilling Performance

Sister Sings Elvis Classic But When Her Brother Joins, It Transforms Into Chilling Performance


For the talented and creative, music really has no limits. This one of the best things about music, there are no bounds or restrictions to which tune, beats or notes you can combine. You can explore with your voice and create new and unique sounds just as long as you have the talent to make it happen. It’s a large expense, a real world where everything and anything is possible.

This video by Capri and her brother is just enough proof that any type of musical feat is possible as long as you have the talent and passion to pull it off. Capri, this talented young girl, and her brother delivered an amazing mashup of Elvis Presley’s song. First, Capri started singing the song, her voice sounded so beautiful but that just the start of something that would end up being incredibly mind-blowing. Kenny soon joined in and started singing along with her. He then created a blend of their songs using his sound equipment. Together they put in a lot of creativity into their performance and delivered a stunning performance that leaves everyone who has heard it impressed.

Capri is the one with a sweet soft voice. Kenny is also incredible with the piano. The siblings are indeed talented leaving you to wonder if they probably have music in their blood. Combining their separate talent into something so beautiful. They made a perfect conversion from one song to the other. Capri sand “Wise men Say only fools rush in” Kenny soon joined in with a beautiful rendition of “But I can’t help falling in love with you” blending their voices together they delivered one of the most beautiful mashups we have ever heard. By the time you hear their beautiful song, you will be convinced that music truly has no limits.

Trying to recreate any of Elvis Presley’s classic is definitely not an easy task. In fact, you can consider it risky business and only those who have the talent can even attempt something that complicated. But the way Capri and Kenny sang it is obvious these two kids have all it takes to take on Elvis’ classic or any other one for that matter.

The way they did it will just leave you speechless. They blended their mashup so perfectly that you will have a hard time distinguishing the exact time these two switched from one song to the other. The best part of the whole thing is how easy they made it seem. These kids are definitely the real deal. And their performance only got better just when you thought that was the best they can come up with.

The duet by this sibling gives us a glimpse into how talented and passionate about music they really are. The way they sang these two classic and blended the two classic together and with only amateur kits to support, one can imagine how super awesome the pair will sound with professional production. We do hope these kids get to that point with their music. This video is enough proof that they have the stuff of stars. We hope they grow up to become the superstars that they really are. It’s just marvelous to watch their lovely duet.

Check out the beautiful video of the duo’s performance below. It will blow you away.


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