Signs Of A Stroke That Most Woman Miss

Signs Of A Stroke That Most Woman Miss


Stroke is a major cause of death. Statistically, it is the fifth most often cause of death in men and third in women. Stroke, like many other illnesses, can be treated but preventing it or dealing with it at early stages is essential. It is very hurtful knowing that one may lose his life from a condition he could have possibly avoided.
Knowing the signs and symptoms is therefore important and should be considered with higher caution. During the onset of stroke, one experiences the feeling of numbness, shortness of breath and chest pains. There is usually also an occurrence of hiccups and headaches often accompanied by nausea.

Stroke, however, does not occur in men the same way it does in women. It tends to be more severe and fast in women, and therefore they are warned to be more precautious. According to Dr. Lewis Morgenstern from the University of Michigan, it’s either the experience that is totally different or it’s the explanation of the signs that is unlike in women and men.

As the intensity of stroke and its nature is not similar across the genders, it does not show exact similar signs or symptoms, or so it is assumed. The most common symptoms of stroke in women is a sudden feeling of weakness, lightheadedness, nausea, hallucinations, and vomiting. Seizures and hiccups are also often exhibited accompanied by intense pain.

Not all these symptoms will show at the onset stage. Just a few of them will be displayed at the moment the blood supply to the brain gets interrupted hence women who notice any of these signs should be quick at seeing their doctors. The first stage usually is the most critical and failure to take suitable actions may lead to more severe damages.

Conducted studies show that women who have experienced stroke get to the hospital pretty late as compared to men and this causes the treatment procedure to be more stringent and takes longer.

Just like the symptoms, the treatment procedure in men and women is slightly different.

Women are more vulnerable to stroke, but different habits can expose them even more. The use of birth control pills can increase the risk of getting a stroke and so can smoking. Stress, from either work or general causes, can also lead to stroke. According to experts, women just starting their motherhood or are at the last stages of their pregnancy are at higher risk.

In most cases, once a stroke has become more intense, treating it always proves to be very difficult. What is worse is that it might cause damages that cannot be undone, that is if it does not end your life. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of stroke and avoiding the causes, therefore, comes in handy.
The number of reports of stroke instances is getting higher each day. The intensity is also increasing, and more death news is being received. This can be because of the increase in pressure that may arise from work or other general things. It may also be due to the higher number of women on birth control pills. Apart from smoking, doctors also suspect that other drugs may also cause a stroke.

We are advised to stay safe and guard our health as our most significant wealth


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