Siblings Film Song After Weeks Of Practice, But Wait Until Silly Brother Sneaks In Without Them Noticing

Siblings Film Song After Weeks Of Practice, But Wait Until Silly Brother Sneaks In Without Them Noticing


Each kid has a talent that parents have yet to discover. We love taking pictures and videos of them and when they want to perform for us and our cameras are always ready to capture every single moment. We know that in a family, there is always this one sibling that is funnier and crazier than the rest of the gang. When siblings Kate and Liam decided to sing a duet, they captured it on video and they only knew that something happened behind the camera when they stopped and played back their footage.

Mom helped Kate and Liam record their performance because these two wanted to sing together. They chose the song “Think About You” by Lady Antebellum, went into one of their bedrooms and began playing their song.

While sitting in the bed, the two waited to sing their own parts while their younger sister is lying comfortably in the bed as seen on the background. Both of the kids were very serious about singing the song. Kate started first then Liam followed. When the chorus started and the two were so immersed in their performance while singing their hearts out, a fourth sibling popped out of nowhere and joined the picture!

Johnny, their younger brother can’t help but include himself in the video while his siblings are performing. He was dancing like crazy and as soon as the next stanza started, he went back down and hid under the bed. When he feels like he can video bomb without getting noticed, he didn’t hesitate to do it.

Even their younger sister giggled when Johnny started his lip-sync and dance performance behind them. He then grabbed a purple water bottle and used it as his microphone. Kate even sneezed and laughed towards the end of the video yet she and Liam never noticed Johnny when he went up the bed and danced!

Their mom managed to keep everything under control without bursting into fits of laughter but she was able to capture every moment of their performance that will surely make her kids laugh. Mom shared the video online and those who have seen it can’t help but say something about how funny Johnny was. One of the comment says, “That kid is something else, he lip syncs better than most Rock Stars and puts on a hell of a show.” Another comment says, “Even the little sister is CRACKING UP on the bed.”

Mom was commended for encouraging her children’s talent in singing and was even praised for letting the little boy do his own antics while two were serious about their performance. In every family, there is always a crazier sibling and we just love them to bits. They make every moment happy. No one knows if Johnny has the same singing talent as his siblings but everyone who saw the video knows that he definitely has a talent in making other people smile.

It is not a surprise when the video went viral in just a short period of time and it now has over 120,000 views on YouTube. Anyone would wish to have a funny boy like this in his or her family. He is a natural and a person with a personality like him can definitely put a smile on your face when you are having a rough time.


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