She Stopped Eating Solid Food And Claims She Gets Her Energy From Just Breathing

She Stopped Eating Solid Food And Claims She Gets Her Energy From Just Breathing


Some people have crazy diets and practices just to achieve the body that they desire. There are even crash diets that make a person feel weak and less healthy and it makes them crave for more sugar- and fat-ridden foods. Health experts do not fail to remind everyone that the best way to lose weight is to stay fit and eat a balanced diet. However, some people still choose to follow their crazy diets.

One of the recent trend is the “breatharianism.” This is a fasting diet that 25-year-old Audra Bear follows.

Audra is a social media influencer from the State of Minneapolis. She is one of the proponents that supports the breatharianism diet. According to her, she only drinks smoothies and tea. She has completely given up solid foods!

Audra claims that she is healthier and happier now.

Audra believes in “Prana,” a type of energy. When you breathe in, you do not only inhale all the gases that are present in the atmosphere, but you also breathe in prana. Breatharians believe that this wy, they are able to inhale energy where they can get their nutrition from. This means that they no longer need any solid food to sustain themselves. Breatharians like Audra firmly believes in the power of Breatharianism.

She explained that she was first introduced to this lifestyle when she started practicing breathwork. She knew that there is something magical about conscious and controlled breathing, that it brings her a face to face meeting with herself. “…it brings you back to the core of your being,” she said.

She shared that she spends 40 minutes every day to perform breathing exercises. This will allow her body to live on just smoothies, tea, and juices. She literally only drinks her food and relies solely on this diet for her to achieve her daily intake.

Her longest ‘fast’ to date is 97 days. While fasting, al she would eat or drink was pureed fruit and vegetables. Even though she has a strict diet, she would still eat a proper meal when she is out with her friends or family. But she says that she feels the healthiest when she is able to follow her breatharianism diet.

During her interview, she explained that Prana is another word for energy. This is also known as Qi or Chi. It is a life-giving force that flows in through and around all things. She added It is a life-giving force that flows in, through and around all things, it’s in the air we breathe, the sunshine, nature, connections with people and all living things. It is a powerful energy that actually has the ability to fuel and sustain us as humans. Living a pranic lifestyle is about shifting your focus from nourishing your body with denser sources (food) to less dense sources (energy), all the while keeping in mind that food is not bad, you can enjoy food if you want to.”

She admits that she was not always a breatharian and she only switched to this diet 8 months ago. Before she became a breatharian, she also followed some raw, vegan diet and lifestyle. But she strongly believes that fasting and breathing in prana helps her receive the energy and nourishment that she needs. For her, this is the healthy way to live life.


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